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Published on: 06 Jun 2019

Financial Restructuring

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Hiring Part-Time CFO Services Providers in Dubai

In today’s competitive business environment, maintaining employees turns out to be a crucial task. The condition turns out to be more complicated when it comes to dealing with senior management. These individuals are experts in their domain, and as a result, they demand high pay. Business owners deal with complex business proceedings, and somehow the financial aspect remains cornered. The financial ground can’t be avoided, and for better performance, a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) needs to be appointed. To deal with the payment issue, the business organizations can choose to hire a part-time CFO service which come at the cost of 1/8th paid to a full-time CFO professional. This guide will give you complete information regarding the hiring of CFO Services.

Who Needs a CFO?

The question that might haunt you is that who will end-up hiring a part-time CFO. Well, your answer lies below highlighting the different platforms where the existence of a part-time CFO turns out to be extremely vital.


If you are planning to set a business, then one of the essential needs of your business is the guidance of a CFO. Since start-up owners run short of funds at the initial stage, and every penny invested at this stage matters, so hiring a full-time CFO is not advisable. However, to meet the needs of the business, the best option turns out to be hiring a part-time that would benefit your business from the cost perspective as well as the business will get a pathway to follow.

2.Small and Medium Size Enterprises

The next platform that demands the presence of a part-time CFO is the businesses dealing in the small and medium sector. Such organizations need to focus on the financial aspects as any wrong decision might turn out to be a nightmare. On the other hand, proper utilizing of the available finance can pave out new ways for the businesses to grow to the next level.

3.Organizations Planning to Expand

If you are a business owner who is planning to expand your entity at an international level or national level, the management of finance is one of the core tasks that need to be taken care of. The financial allocation and planning turn out to be more effective if a highly-experienced professional plan it. The business expansion phase demands high involvement of finance, and so it turns to be the best smart option to hire a part-time CFO.

4.Organizations Adapting New Changes

Restructuring or adopting new changes in an organization needs a substantial involvement of finance. If you are planning to remodify your business model or adopt new changes, then opinion gathered from a CFO can help you to deal with the financial issues.

Activities Performed by a Part-Time CFO

Ranging from domains like accountingbookkeeping, financial management, a CFO turns out to be an expert on the stated areas. Now, some of the core reasons that a business organization can end-up hiring a part-time CFO service is stated below:

1.In-depth Business Analysis

Business advisors drill down the business insights to conduct a comprehensive business analysis. Moreover, they keep an eye on the market scenario that helps the client’s business to stay ahead of the competition.

2.Experience and Knowledge Matters for Business

A CFO comes with years of experience and possess a vast knowledge of each business aspect. Getting involved with a CFO, be it a part-time or a full-time can help your business to implement the insights possessed by the CFO. The planning and strategies defined by the CFO will help your business to streamline the process and grow it beyond.

3.Stand-out of Competition

In this competitive business environment, tactical business moves are essential to stand ahead of the competitors. To do so, detailed business planning is required that covers all the business aspects, which is only possible if a professional expert holding years of industry experience plans it.

4.Cash-Flow Control

A part-time CFO also takes care of the business cash-flow, analyzes them, and build strategies to reduce the outflow and increase the inflow.

5.Reduce the Negative Impacts of Business

An expert can pinpoint the negative activities by having a look at the confidential information. Hiring a part-time CFO service can help our business to reduce negative business impacts.

All the above-mentioned essential points can help your business to re-structure, re-model and continue in the path of success. Moreover, by hiring a part-time CFO service provider, you can avail the benefits at a much lesser cost. By having a guide, you can focus on the core business tasks while the expert will take care of the company essentials and will help you in sketching out the best plan. At JAXA, we are dedicated to performing the best auditing services and financial services to our business clients. Our finance experts can help you to avail the part-time CFO services, and can tailor-solutions according to your business needs. To have a word, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist.

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