Dubai South Free Zone Approved Auditors

In the last few years, there has been a considerable amount of development in the Middle East. Dubai South Free Zone has a significant role to play in this development. This free zone provides the upcoming businesses with an opportunity to grow and make a contribution to the economic growth of the country. The Dubai South Free Zone is an attempt, albeit an ambitious one, to make the free zone a hub for all business and aviation-related operations.

Earlier, the Dubai Free Zone was known as the Dubai World Central (DWC). After the development of the Madinar Al Matar Development Area, the name was changed to the Dubai South Free Zone. This Free Zone consists of 145 Square Kilometres of multi-purpose areas which will support a number of business activities. This free zone has been divided into various sections which comprise the necessary infrastructure to support varied business activities. The proximity of the free zone to the Al Maktoum International Airport makes this free zone one of the best places in the world to conduct business activities.

The free zone also consists of a dedicated space for exhibitions which will be utilized for conducting the World Expo 2020. The Dubai South Free Zone acts as a platform for the upcoming companies all around the world to develop and grow, which will, in turn, help the economy of the country. It is home to the largest airport in the world and will also be hosting the World Expo 2020. The proximity to the airport, working space, and residential space make setting up a business in the Dubai South Free Zone a very lucrative option for budding companies.

Products/Service Offered

There are a number of services which are offered by the Free Zone to help a business in achieving its maximum potential. Every activity which is performed falls under a license. The business activities which require a general trading license can fulfill the minimum office requirements in the free zone.

The types of offices available to a business in the free zone are:

1.Fitted Out Office

These offices range from 35 mt sq. to 250 mt sq. and the following come pre-fitted to the office:

  • Wall Plastering and Finishing
  • Floor carpets and tiles
  • Plumbing, Air conditioning, and other mechanical and engineering work.

2.Shell and Core Offices

The interiors of a shell office have not been furnished, but the exteriors are thoroughly done whereas in aa core office the office has minimally furnished interiors. Such offices can range from 120 mt sq to 12,000 mt sq. And are suitable for larger organizations.

3.Offices Built to Suit

These are plots of land which are available for a business to lease. A tenant can build construct a building or can take the assistance of the management of Dubai South to construct a building that will suit the requirements of the business. Such build-to-suit offices will provide the maximum flexibility to the management of a business.

Types of Businesses Available

  • Dubai World Central Limited Liability Company
  • Subsidiary or Branch of Limited Liability Company

Dubai South Free Zone Approved Auditor

It is very much necessary for a business to avail of Auditing services, and it is highly recommended that the businesses utilize the services of an Approved Auditor. An Approved Auditor is an entity that has been vetted by the management of the free zone. This will give a guarantee on the verdict given by the auditors for a business and also will provide a sense of confidence to the management and the investor of the business.

Not any chartered accounting firm can handle the financial data of a company which has been incorporated in a free zone. JAXA Chartered Accountants is a reputed consultancy firm and is approved by the management of the free zone. JAXA Chartered Accountants can very efficiently handle all the financial data of a business and provide an accurate analysis of the economic trends to decide the future course of the business.

An approved auditor will not only take care of the future of the business but will also ensure that the business is compliant with all the rules and regulations set by the government of the United Arab Emirates.