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Appointment of the Auditor

The person to be appointed should be independent, in all respects, of the company's affairs. The Audit Committee will appoint the individual or the team depending on several factors. The Board of Directors and shareholders approve the appointment.
Step 01

Confirmation by the Auditor

After the appointment, the auditor ensures that he is working independently; and then issues a confirmation to the company.
Step 02

Audit Engagement

A contract is prepared between the auditor and the company. Some stipulations in the contract include the audit's objectives, the auditor's independence, the audit fees to be paid, the responsibilities of each party, and the scope of work covered, among others.
Step 03

Audit Planning and Execution

This is the start of the external auditor's tasks. An audit plan is prepared first, containing the deadlines for each area and the completion deadline overall. Then the auditor prepares the program for the audit execution.
Step 04

Collection of Evidence

This convincing evidence is necessary to support the auditor's opinion when submitting his Audit Report.
Step 05

The Audit Report

This is the last step in the external audit process: the signing of the Audit Report. The report also contains the auditor's opinion about the results of his audit.
Step 06