Management consulting firms assist businesses in improving their performance and growing by finding new and innovative ways of doing things. Consultancy firms work with a wide range of sectors including HR, Marketing, IT and Finance. It helps the organization to develop their services and, reduce cost and make savings.

Management Consultancy Firms in Dubai

Dubai is a creative and fast-growing business centre in the Middle East. In the past 50 years, Dubai has come a long way from an oil-based economy to a business hub. A dynamic and investor-friendly government has motivated many entrepreneurs to kick-start their business in Dubai. The location and the incentives have made the whole business world to look at Dubai. Thus, the increased growth in business firms has provided opportunities for business consultancy in Dubai to support and augment the business and economy.

Advantages of Management Consultants

Here are a few benefits of hiring management consultants for your company in Dubai and thr rest of the UAE:

1. An Outside Expert

A business firm cannot afford to solve all its problems. When a business consultant is hired, they can solve the problems in a different perspective on the basis of their knowledge and experience. They can often bring fresh and innovative ideas to solve business-related problems.

2. Extra Manpower

A management consulting firm acts as an extra employee to solve organizational issues. A small or medium-sized business may not be able to afford the manpower to focus multiply its productivity. In such instances, consultants basically serve as temporary and high-skilled employees to find solutions.

3. Specialized Skills

The major advantage of hiring a management consulting firm is to gain access to a skilled set of manpower that might not exist in the organization. A management consulting firm consists of highly skilled professionals who have an experience of working in different sectors of business.

4. Cost and Time Saving

Small and medium-sized enterprises hire management consulting firms to save time in planning for projects. Also, there is no need of hiring an extra employee when you outsource an entire project to a consultancy.

List of Services Provided by Consulting Firms in Dubai

  • Risk management
  • Business planning
  • Risk management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Buy/sell valuation
  • Business expansion and acquisition
  • Personnel planning & litigation services
  • Financial management
  • Business start-ups
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and related services

JAXA Management Consultancy Services

We provide, inter alia, the following management consultancy services in Dubai and the rest of the UAE:

  • Preparation and updating of business plan
  • Business setup services for entrepreneurs
  • Assistance in buying and selling businesses
  • Risk management


The key to any successful business is to have a clear plan, and to take action during the implementation of the plan. At JAXA, we help our clients in implementing their business plan and ensure that progress is measured and corrective action taken where necessary. JAXA is a financial consultancy firm in Dubai, offering a wide range of services including accounting, auditing, software consultancy and management.

For any management consultancy services in Dubai, contact us – we’d glad to assist!


How long does a business consulting project last?

The duration of the project depends on the size, scope, budget of the project. It may run from a few weeks to a few years.