Company Formation Services in UAE

Set up your Company at a low cost With no hidden fees. We are experienced in company formation services in Dubai. Set up your Company at a low cost With no hidden fees. We are experienced in company formation services in Dubai Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore.

Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most desired places to start a business. Its unique tax structure makes it one of the most favored business destinations for investors from all prospective zones.

Due to the various types of corporate entities, there is no particular time period for company formation in Dubai. Immigration services, including business licenses and visas, may take longer depending on nationality and the specific immigration paperwork on file with authorities.

Types of Company Formation in Dubai

Mainland Company Formation:

If you want to operate your business in the UAE mainland, you must register your company in one of the UAE Department of Economic Development (DED). As a DED-licensed onshore company, you will be provided a business license to start a business in Dubai.

Freezone Company Formation:

This company is registered within the extraordinary jurisdiction under a particular emirate. To date, more than 40 free zones are operating in the UAE.

Free zone authorities have regulations, and their regulating body is called the Free Zone Authority (FZA).

Offshore Company Formation:

This is a business establishment operated outside the original registration location. Dubai’s increase in company formations has made the UAE a perfect business hub worldwide. There are also benefits to enjoy in offshore companies, such as tax exemptions, international funding, investor-friendly laws and regulations, and facilitating international trade.

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Advantages of Company Formation Services in UAE

Taxation Policies

There are no taxation policies if you set up a company in Dubai.

Ease of business set-up

You can experience hassle-free business sets up in Dubai.

Technological advancements

Due to Dubai’s technological advancement, investors can experience high-tech office spaces and choose their business per their requirements.

Top-notch infrastructures

Investors can get posh office spaces as per their requirements. Investors can get posh office spaces as per their requirements.

Easy visa processing

Visa processing can be done easily compared to other nations.

More than 40 free zones

You will be able to operate your business from any free zones and experience its benefits.

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Select a business activity.

You will apply for an industrial license if you do manufacturing business, segregation accumulation, and packaging. Other businesses such as import/export, sales, real estate, brokerage services, retail, and rent-a-car will require a commercial license.

Choose the area of company formation - free zone or mainland

Both have advantages; however, for new entrepreneurs, it is suggested that you choose a free zone because it offers more benefits than the mainland.

Prepare a Memorandum of Association (MOA)

The Memorandum of Association (MOA) will contain the primary conditions in which the company will operate.

Get initial approval from DED.

The approval from DED is required to initiate the business process without any hindrance.

Register your business under a unique trade name.

Make sure that the name selected by the business is not already used by any other company.

Arrange office space

Understand if your business requires a physical office and if yes then arrange for the physical space.

Get Trade License

Apply for a trade license which will assist in conducting the business operations.

Open Bank Account

Open a bank account in an Islamic, international, or local bank as per the requirement or ease of the business.

Obtain VIsa

Foreigners need to go through visa and immigration processes.


What are the benefits of establishing a corporation in Dubai?

  • Low taxes and minimal bureaucracy make this a very business-friendly state.
  • It is a worldwide trading hub that connects the East and West, with no limits on international investment.
  • As a result, worldwide demand for goods and services is high.
  • Access to overseas markets is simple.
  • The world’s best-regulated economies.

How much does it cost to start a business in Dubai?

The registration fee in Dubai is generally between 22,000 and 24,000 AED (USD 6,000 to USD 6,500), depending on the business’s capital structure. These fees, however, do not include any charges associated with getting a trade license or other additional expenses.

Which is the best free zone in UAE?

  1. DIFC
  2. JAFZA
  3. TECOM
  4. Internet City
  5. DMCC
  6. RAK Free zone

How long does it take to set up a business in Dubai?

The average time to start a business is 4 to 5 working days depending on the number and type of licenses required.

What is the cost of incorporating an LLC?

The cost of forming a limited liability company in Dubai might vary greatly based on the business and services you select. The cost of an investor visa is between AED 4,000 and AED 5,500. The charge ranges between AED 5,000 and AED 7,000, depending on the type of staff hired.