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Unlock Business Opportunities: Harnessing the Power of In-Country Value for Sustainable Growth.

As part of “Projects of the 50”, the UAE government has launched the In-Country Value Program (ICV) on a federal level, which will be implemented under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology (MoIAT), contributing to increased demand on local goods and services, promoting local capabilities and attracting foreign direct investment towards the local industrial sector. 

The In-Country Value program has witnessed great success since its launch in the emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2018. 

Why was the In-Country Value Certificate Program Launched?

ICV Program aims to boost economic performance and support local industries by redirecting higher public spending into the national economy. As per the program, MOiAT will issue In-Country Value certificates to suppliers after evaluating their contribution to the country’s local economy. As a result, ICV-certified suppliers and contractors will get preference when they bid for projects and orders from government and semi-government organizations.


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Issue Audited financial statement

Issue audited financial statements based on IFRS Standard Or use management accounts for newly established entities in less than ten months.

ICV Template

Fill in ICV Template as per the guidelines.


Approach one of the authorized certifying bodies for evaluation


Once the ICV certificate is received, you can submit it to one of the participating entities.


What is In-Country Value (ICV)?

In-Country Value (ICV) is an initiative that encourages businesses to contribute to the local economy by prioritizing local sourcing, job creation, technology transfer, and developing local capabilities.

Why is In-Country Value important?

In-Country Value is important because it promotes economic diversification, reduces reliance on imports, creates employment opportunities for locals, fosters technology transfer, and contributes to sustainable economic growth.

Which industries or sectors does In-Country Value apply to?

In-Country Value initiatives are typically implemented in sectors such as oil and gas, construction, manufacturing, infrastructure development, and other industries with significant potential for local economic participation and value creation.

How is In-Country Value measured or assessed?

The measurement and assessment of In-Country Value typically involve evaluating factors such as local spending, employment of nationals, local content, technology transfer, and investments in local suppliers or partners.

What are the benefits of complying with In-Country Value requirements?

Complying with In-Country Value requirements can result in several benefits, including enhanced relationships with local stakeholders, increased access to government contracts, improved reputation, grown local market share, and a positive impact on the country’s overall socioeconomic development.