Taxation Services in UAE

We provide tax strategies that are in line with the corporate strategies and the business framework.
Our team works on rigorous planning and identification of tax risks.



What are Taxation Services in Dubai

Tax filing is considered one of the planet’s toughest jobs. The process becomes more complex when dealing with foreign affairs and following international taxation policies. To combat this, a business requires a Strategy for taxation. A tax strategy helps a business entity compare the tax situation upon requirement. Realizing the benefits of unified taxation in UAE, the country has re-framed its tax structure to be more suitable for investors and entrepreneurs worldwide. This step was huge for the government of the United Arab Emirates as this would not only help the country’s economy but will also help attract more entrepreneurs.

Types of Taxes in Dubai

Like many countries, Dubai has various taxes in their system.

  • Value-added Tax (VAT): A consumption tax that is applied to the sale of goods and services in Dubai. The standard VAT rate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is currently 5%. 
  • Corporate Income Tax: Corporate tax is only applicable for oil based companys and federal banks in Dubai. However, businesses operating in Dubai are required to pay corporate income tax on their profits from Jult 1 2023 or January 1 2024. 
  • Personal Income Tax: Residents in Dubai are not required to pay personal income tax on their earnings. Excise Tax: Dubai applies an excise tax on specific goods such as tobacco products, carbonated drinks, and energy drinks. 
  • Excise Tax: Excise tax is a tax that is applied to specific goods in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), such as tobacco products, carbonated drinks, and energy drinks.
Avail best quality Auditing and Accounting services from JAXA

The expert will help to tackle business issues by following proper Accounting and Auditing guidelines will also assist you to scale up your business. JAXA also provides various other services such as Tax Services, Payroll Services, Cash flow forecasting and many more.

Advantages of Taxation Services in UAE

Prevention of Financial Loss

Tax planning is an essential step as it guides your business on the financial front by presenting a transparent financial picture and helps to prevent and financial loss.

Enhance Company’s Goodwill

Paying tax on proper time helps your business to build its goodwill in the eyes of the government. Proper tax planning will give you an idea regarding the inflow and outflow of business cash.

Fetch out more investment opportunities

Fetch out more investment opportunities Tax management can help an organization to figure out more investment options for the future business growth as it builds a confidence in the minds of internal and external stakeholders regarding the utilization of funds

Reduction in tax liability and enhancing profitability

The moment you end up managing tax, it systematizes the working system. This helps in reducing the tax liability and increase profitability.

Determine a financial barometer for your organization

Tax planning provides a barometer that keeps a check on the financial front of your business regarding the profits earned. Moreover, it will also help you to avoid unwanted loss.

Helps in Audit Process

Proper management of tax helps to ease the audit process which gets conducted internally and externally, and contributes to earning the trust of auditors.

What We Provide

  • We ensure that all the records are compliant with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • We are registered and approved auditors in major free zones in Dubai, making it easy to conduct audits in the free zone.
  • JAXA has over 15 years of experience and a knowledgeable team of 75+ employees.
  • Over a decade of quality service has made us one of Dubai’s most preferred auditing and accounting firms.


Client gives an access to Tax Docs

The client gives us access to the required documents.
Step 01

JAXA analyses the Docs

The Documents are properly scrutinized.
Step 02

Plan Tax Management Process

A plan is made to register for tax.
Step 03

Initiates Tax Registration Process

Register for tax so the company can avail the benefits.
Step 04

Helps in Tax Return Filing & Obtaining TRC

File the tax returns and receive the proper amount back.
Step 05

Follow up and take Remedial Actions

Follow up at regular intervals to figure out any deviations.
Step 06


What is a Financial Audit?

Financial Audit can be described as the process of examination of all the financial records of a company. This examination will bring into view essential conclusions such as which part of the business is to be focused on, whether there is any wastage of resources, etc. It will help decide the future course of action for the business.

Is it necessary to avail taxation services in Dubai?

Yes, it can help your business in tax filing and much more.

How to choose the best provider for taxation services in Dubai?

Look for their experience, the methods and the approach they use. Look at their collaborations as

Are tax filing easy?

Tax filings are one of the tedious jobs and it would be best to hire a tax consultant