Payroll Services in UAE

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Employees are the most valuable and crucial asset for any organization. It is the hard work of the employees that shapes a business entity. Thus, it is the organization’s responsibility to keep track of all employee-related activities.
This is where payroll services in Dubai come into play. A service of payroll outsourcing, Dubai would record and prepare reports on the employees’ activities, which would help gauge the efficiency of each employee and allow the business to make decisions for the future.
In a tax-free economy, the payroll process is more complicated than it first appears. Payroll is a complicated process due to the variety of expatriate nationalities and the frequently changing local laws.
Furthermore, with the establishment of the Wage Protection System (WPS) as required by the UAE Ministry of Labour, a comprehensive recorded payroll process has become crucial for all businesses operating in the UAE. Many businesses, both on-shore and off-shore, are now looking for professional assistance from outsourced payroll providers as a result of this development.
Some of our clients choose to keep payroll-related information private from internal personnel, while others use our service to decrease their operational costs by outsourcing their non-core duties.

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Advantages of Payroll Services in UAE

Maintains Employee Master Records

The payroll service would maintain all the records of an employee such as the salary, additional allowances, benefits, leaves taken, etc.

Enhances Employee Morale

Receiving the complete salary on time without fail would increase the morale of the employees and would increase the work capacity of the employees

Clear picture of Compensation Package

It will provide a clear picture of the total salary that will be provided to the employee along with allowances and overtime, which helps the employees and the employer to keep a track

Re-allocation of Resources

The information provided by the payroll service will help us to allocate resources to the segment of the business that requires it the most

Builds Company Reputation

A payroll service would create the pay slips and salary statement which would help to create a positive image in the minds of the employees, making them more effiecient

Increases Employee Retention Rate

As the morale of the employees is high, the company would see huge success and this would in turn increase the employee retention rate

What we provide

Compliant with International Finance Reporting System
Experienced Professionals
On-time Delivery of Projects
Registered with all the Free Zones in the UAE


Client Approaches

Unstructured Data is handed over

JAXA Understands the Business

JAXA understands the working style and business model

One Time Activities

i. Salary and benefits structuring; ii. Data migration; iii. Setting up rules and employee masters; iv. Dry and parallel runs

Recurring Activities

i. Payroll processing; ii. Pay slips; iii. Statutory reports and submission; iv. Client and employee query management

Annual Activities

i. IT computation; ii. Receipt and verification of declaration and proofs; iii. Form 16 & form 25

Reports and MIS

i. Pay registers; ii. Leave reports; iii. Bank advice reports; iv. IT reports, etc.


What is a software system for payroll?

A payroll software system allows one to organize, maintain, and process employee
payments using data, instructions, and applications. Intense, comprehensive, and carefully
thought-out payroll software can cut expenses while assisting firms in adhering to legal
requirements and other financial commitments.

What is the end-of-service tip?

Every employee in the United Arab Emirates is entitled to receive some sum from their
employer whenever their employment ends. The labor laws of the UAE apply to this.

What effects will the payroll system have on the employee experience?

Payroll software can guarantee that workers are paid accurately, promptly, and using the
preferred payment method. In addition, employees feel more financially comfortable about
their workplace when payments are made on time.
Employees can also update personal information and payment preferences using user-
friendly tools, verify their payment history, and confirm the accuracy of information. In

addition, employees can get quick answers to any issues using the platform offered by the
program, cutting down on the time needed to resolve their inquiries.

How do I pick a payroll company?

Not every provider of payroll services offers the same level or caliber of service. Therefore,
the payroll service's requirements should be the first consideration when deciding who to
For various payment choices, such as direct deposit, prepaid debit cards, or paper checks,
ask for features. To ensure you receive the most for your money, you might also want to see
if the company offers several salary rates, paid time-off management, garnishment
payments, and comprehensive payroll records.