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Once a business entity gets incorporated, it holds a value after a certain period that is essential for the company as well as its stakeholders. Knowing the worth of your company turns out to be vital for the business owner as it is measured by the assets, liabilities, income, management and location that the company holds. The value of a business is fetched out by using a business model.
If you are still unaware of your company's value, then it's time to give a kick start. Knowing the value of your business can help you in making important decisions. Let's start.

Business Valuation & Financial Restructuring

How can Business Valuation Services in Dubai process help your business to grow?

Enhance and Evaluate Business

Business valuation helps you to gain a clear idea of your business. It helps in increasing the goodwill and evaluate the present value according to the market conditions.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Knowing the accurate value that your business holds helps you to have an upper-hand over other business at the time of merger or acquisition.

Magnet for Investors

Business valuation presents the company’s worth; and having a high worth would ultimately attract investors towards your business to a great extent, leveraging the growth opportunities.

Decision-Making Tool

Once you know the value of your business, it will act as a decision-making tool that helps you to take long-term decisions regarding your business development

Easier Loan Approval

Possessing knowledge about your company’s worth will build a trust in the minds of the financial institutions and will help you to grab an easy loan from the market for future expansion.

Company Restructuring

Valuation reports contain the core details of company assets and liabilities. They contain the company’s present worth, and ultimately this helps in restructuring the company as and when required.

How JAXA Can Help Your Business to Grow?

The key drivers of business valuation are assets, liabilities, income, management, and location. To determine the value of your business, you need to follow any of the business valuation methods. These are also known as business valuation models that help you to understand the worth of your business. Business valuation models include the following approaches:
1.    Asset-Based Approach
This approach of determining the business value totals up all the investment. Applying this technique to a corporation serves well as it will be included in company sale, whereas applying the same to a sole proprietorship becomes difficult as the assets belong to the same owner and separating them for business and personal use becomes a challenge.
2.    Earning/Income-Based Approach
This method believes in the fact that a business’s real value lies in building wealth for the future. Keeping this in mind, a valuator determines the future cash flow by examining the records and also assesses the future financial risk.
3.    Market Value Approach
This approach compares the value of one’s business to similar businesses that have recently sold. It can be applied only when there is a sufficient number of competitors in the market.

Let's see how JAXA can help you in the business valuation process.

How JAXA Can Help Your Business to Grow?

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How JAXA can help your business?

We can say that the calculation of Business Valuation turns out to be a tedious process and is recommended to take the advice of professional experts.  Jaxa is one of the premier chartered accountant firm in the UAE. Since its inception, it has been dealing with multiple clients across all the Emirates and has helped them in structuring the accounts and audit processes. Our experienced accountants do provide custom solutions according to your business needs. To have a word, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist.