Corporate Tax Health Check

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The Corporate Income Tax on corporate profits will be implemented by the UAE’s Ministry of Finance as of June 1st, 2023. Corporate Tax has received a great deal of interest worldwide since the announcement date.

UAE is the fourth GCC nation to implement the Corporate Federal Tax. The main goal of implementing Corporate Tax in the UAE is to strengthen the country’s reputation as a major international economic hub and quicken the pace of transformation throughout the entire nation.

By avoiding detrimental tax practices, the corporation tax helps the UAE adhere to international standards for tax transparency. Understanding how corporate taxes affect a company’s operations and how to comply with them can be challenging for organizations.

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Performing a Health Check According to the UAE Corporate Tax Law

To comprehend the tax risks and the deficiencies in the accounting system that need to be rectified, an Impact Assessment and Health Check from a tax viewpoint is important. For the purposes of corporation taxation, a high-level impact assessment will ensure that a health check must be performed prior to the start of the first fiscal year and will concentrate on a number of key areas that need to be addressed. 

These consist of the following:

Analyze the ownership structure of the business
Determine which adjustments could be made without breaking GAAR
Examine the benefits and potential of tax group arrangements
Tax relief options
Determining if Free Zones are eligible for 0% business tax
Identifying gaps in accounting and financial reporting 
Reviewing current expenditures for potential disallowances and corrective actions
Examine current documentation practices to spot any shortcomings.

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Assessment for Corporate Tax in UAE
GAP Analysis
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How might a health check benefit your company?

Planning and assessment will make sure that your company is ready to meet its requirements and take advantage of all available exclusions and reliefs to minimize your tax payment.

How can I find a trustworthy tax consultant in Dubai?

You should take into account aspects like their expertise, credentials, reputation, and costs when choosing the ideal tax consultant for your company. Choose a tax advisor with in-depth knowledge of the UAE tax code and a track record of delivering top-notch services.

Verify their credentials and certificates, and confirm that they are well-versed in your company and the sector. Get a sense of their reputation by reading reviews and recommendations from previous customers.

How does a tax expert assist in the preparation of corporate taxes in the UAE?

The preparation and filing of corporate tax returns by enterprises in the UAE are greatly aided by tax advisors. They can offer professional advice on how to reduce tax liabilities while abiding by the law because they have in-depth knowledge and awareness of the tax rules and regulations in the UAE.

Tax advisors can help firms find tax breaks, determine their taxable revenue, and timely and effectively file their tax filings. Additionally, they can represent companies in interactions with the tax authorities, such as audits and investigations.

What services are provided by a tax consultant in the UAE?

Tax representation, compliance, and planning are just a few of the services provided by tax advisors in the United Arab Emirates. By locating tax deductions and credits, structuring transactions, and assuring compliance with tax rules and regulations, they can assist businesses in reducing their tax bills.

Tax advisors can also represent firms in interactions with the tax authorities, such as audits and investigations, and help them prepare and file their tax returns appropriately and on time. They may offer professional guidance on intricate tax matters and help businesses create tax-efficient plans that complement their overarching corporate goals.