JAXA is Now an FTA – Approved Tax Consultant in Dubai

The FTA has recently approved Jaxa Chartered Accountants as a Tax Consultant in Dubai! The Federal Tax Administration, United Arab Emirates, has formally accepted and registered Jaxa Chartered Accountants as a tax agency, and we are happy to announce this.

Our tax agency registration number is 300052032. Jaxa and other tax agencies/agents are essential to ensure proper tax compliance with UAE tax laws.

While it puts us in a better position to offer the best services to businesses in the UAE, as we always have aspired to do, we see this new role as an additional obligation rather than merely a marketing tool.

Everything You Need to Know About FTA-Approved TAX Agents in UAE

In order to fulfill their tax-related requirements, taxable entities must hire a tax agent in the UAE. Tax advisors nominated on behalf of taxable entities to represent them before the FTA (Federal Tax Authority) is referred to as a tax agent in the United Arab Emirates under Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Processes.

According to the tax procedures law, tax agents who help taxable individuals complete their tax duties and exercise their tax rights must be registered with the FTA. For taxable enterprises, the job of tax agents is quite important, so they must be careful when selecting tax agents in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The FTA-Approved Tax Agents in Dubai

Any person in Dubai posing as a tax agent should not con you. Companies should only choose firms who are FTA-registered tax agents.

A register with a separate file for each tax agent has been established by the FTA. The information pertaining to each tax agent’s professional conduct is contained in the file.

Only those people listed in the Register and licensed by the Ministry of Economy are allowed to work as tax agents in the UAE, according to Article 13 of the Tax Processes Law.

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The Essential Characteristics & Qualifications of a Tax Agent

You should be aware of the fundamental traits and requirements for tax agents before appointing one. According to Article 10 of Cabinet Decision No. (36) of 2017, in order to be registered in the FTA Registry on the Executive Regulation of Federal Law No. (7) of 2017, a tax agent must meet the requirements specified below:

  • In the UAE, tax agents must have high moral character and behavior and cannot have criminal convictions.
  • A certified Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in tax, accounting, or law from an accredited university is required; a bachelor’s degree combined with a tax certification from an internationally renowned tax institute is also acceptable.
  • Three years of experience (minimum) as a credentialed attorney, accountant, or tax professional
  • Arabic and English communication abilities, both written and verbal
  • To meet the requirements set forth by the FTA, candidates must have passed any test required.
  • In good health, to carry out the responsibilities of a tax agent in the UAE
  • Must own or be insured by professional indemnity insurance.

Function and Obligations of FTA-Approved Tax Agencies in the UAE

In the UAE, tax agents are in charge of supporting their clients in completing all of their tax-related obligations and regulations as outlined in the VAT law. A tax agent can assist you in complying with the tax laws by giving you appropriate guidance and interpretation of the UAE VAT Law.

The qualities of a good Tax Consultant in Dubai should be checked prior. The following are some of the main duties of tax agents in the UAE:

  • Assisting companies in registering for VAT in the UAE
  • Compile and send the businesses’ VAT returns to the FTA.
  • Keep records and/or information on taxes.
  • Consult the FTA about tax-related issues
  • Submitting requests for the FTA’s rulings to be reconsidered
  • Aid firms in getting ready for a tax audit
  • Help the company submit an application for VAT deregistration in the UAE.
  • In the event that the customer is assessed tax-related fines, appeal to the FTA

Working with the Registered Tax Agents in Dubai & UAE

You must make sure that your communication with the FTA is appropriate and efficient if you are a taxable organization conducting business in the UAE. The authorized representative who can speak with the FTA on your behalf in the UAE is a tax agent.

We are a registered FTA tax agent in the UAE who is extremely qualified. Being your authorized tax agent in Dubai, it is our duty to assist our clients in maintaining tax compliance.

Being one of the top registered tax agents in the UAE, Jaxa upholds the strictest standards of ethical behavior and professional conduct. In our journey, which has covered more than 16 years of practice in the UAE, we are looking forward to this exciting new phase.

So, reach out to us now for further information, and we’ll be glad to assist.