Audit & Assurance Services in Dubai

Audit is no more just a number game; it goes beyond reports and approvals that gives the complete picture of a company. One of the core service that you can’t avoid being a business owner or an entrepreneur to track your business is audit and assurance services. They ensure that your organization is compliant with the set of laws, regulations and accounting standards of the land.

As per the Emirati law, all organizations need to submit audit report for the services. To abide by the law, the audit firms in Dubai helps business entities to fit in the Emirati economy and take care of the required essentials. 

If you are a business owner, then knowing about audit and assurance process can boost your business. Wondering how? Read below…

Audit & Assurance Services in Dubai

How can Audit & Assurance Services in Dubai process help your business to grow?

Accomplish Business Objectives

Involving auditors in your organization can help you to meet the predetermined business objectives. Be it internal or external audit, it will help you to fix the company loopholes at any point.

Identifying Risks

It becomes a challenging task to identify the risk at any given point. At the same time, it turns out as an essential process. Auditors in Dubai can help you in this matter by evaluating the company’s financial reports.

Boosting Credit Rating and Valuation

Improving a company’s goodwill becomes a necessity for any business. By availing audit services, you open doors to attract foreign investments, and get the best credit rating, as it shows the financial position of your business.


Auditors in UAE can help you to figure out the overall picture of your business. A complete company assessment can help you to focus on the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats that your business entity holds.

How JAXA Can Help Your Business?

How JAXA Can Help Your Business?

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Our Strengths

  • We are compliant with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • We have an experienced team of certified auditors
  • We are registered with all reputed free zones in Dubai
  • Over a decade of quality service has made us one of the most preferred auditing and accounting firms in Dubai

How JAXA can help your business?

With the help of the professional auditors, JAXA Audit Process will help you to understand the business loopholes and take remedial measures on time, which would ultimately affect your business in a positive way.Our audit experts will help you to understand the working of the business, and plan the relative actions accordingly. They hold industry experience and can cater to your needs accordingly. To have a word, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist.