Forensic Accounting Services in UAE

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As businesses progress, they might become a part of legal disputes. This may be due to illegal or wrongful activity in the industry or any other reason. 

As the business ecosystems are becoming increasingly complex, there are more and more chances of companies becoming a part of legal disputes. This is where Forensic Accounting in Dubai comes to the rescue.

What Does One Mean by Forensic Accounting in Dubai?

Forensic Accounting in Dubai can be defined as the process in which an examination of business accounts is conducted. The results of this examination are then presented in a court of law. 

Different activities are utilized to examine the business, such as Company Audit, Financial or Company Accounting, and other investigative skills. For example, a forensic accountant has training in the field of both Finances as well as investigative techniques

This will allow him to understand the business’s financial jargon and learn about fraud or embezzlement in the company. After the examination, they will produce a report detailing all the various findings of the accountant or team of accountants. 

These findings will be further used in a court of law to either prove malpractices or to acquit a company of such allegations. Mainly there are two different types of Forensic accounting procedures:

1. Litigation Support Services
Here the accountant will calculate the total damages each party experienced and help settle the dispute outside the court. In addition, the accountant can act as an expert witness if the argument reaches court.

2. Investigative or Fact-Finding Services
In this accounting, the accountant must understand the business activities and uncover fraud or embezzlement.

What Are the Different Techniques for Forensic Accounting?

Accountants use various investigative techniques worldwide to discover a business’s vital points. Some of these techniques are as follows:

    1. One of the simplest yet effective techniques of investigating is conducting background checks. With company background checks, the accountant can see past transactions and deals, which can tell much about the company.
    2. Gathering information from trustworthy sources is another simple yet effective solution for understanding the nature of the business. However, it is to be kept in mind that information received only from reputed, and trusted sources should be taken as there is a guarantee that information from such sources will be correct.
    3. One of the complex investigation techniques is to go undercover and find the information first-hand. One can go undercover physically or use any electronic means to do this snooping and monitor and track the target emails.

What Are the Reasons to Implement Forensic Accounting in Business?

There are significant reasons why forensic accounting should be implemented for businesses.

    1. First, they provide awareness for the business and help avoid fraudulent activity.
    2. In case an asset has been misappropriated, forensic accounting can help in remedying the situation.
    3. It can help combat growing threats such as Terrorism and counterintelligence.
    4. It provides greater insight into the present and helps to understand your business.

To read these reasons in detail, read the blog “Reasons to Implement Forensic Accounting in Business.”

JAXA Forensic Accounting Services in Dubai

At JAXA, we aim to design the best financial structure to deliver a high cash-flow framework system. We provide a wide range of services that include:

  • Financial data analysis
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Compiling information
  • Tracing illicit funds
  • Damage Assessment
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Business Valuation
  • Report Generation.

Why Us?

We are a financial consulting firm based in Dubai, and we assure our clients of providing reputation building, maximizing credibility, and standing out from their competitors. We hold ISO 9001-2015 certification and follow the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) to central professionalism in our deliverables, which made us one of the top audit firms in Dubai. 

Currently, we hold more than 750+ clients at a global count that includes multinationals, limited liability, offshore companies, etc. At Jaxa, our forensic experts provide you the forensic Accounting Services in Dubai, cash flow forecasts, and projection reports satisfying your requirements, which will help your business grow further. 

Avail best quality Auditing and Accounting services from JAXA

The expert will help to tackle business issues by following proper Accounting and Auditing guidelines will also assist you to scale up your business. JAXA also provides various other services such as Tax Services, Payroll Services, Cash flow forecasting and many more.

Advantages of Forensic Accounting Services in UAE

Minimizes Losses

Once you have opted for forensic accounting, it directly minimizes unwanted losses for your company as the entire document gets detailed scrutiny, leveraging the chances of achieving the organization's goal.

Improves Efficiency

Forensic accounting procedures reduce the crucial error, which ultimately reflects on the efficiency of the employees. In addition, the loopholes or reasons for inefficiency get highlighted, paving a path for improvement.

Reduces Exploitation Risk

In this competitive world, exploitation risk may increase if not traced. The concept of forensic accounting helps you in dealing with the same, which will highlight the risks and makes sure that it gets reduced.

Averts Legal Problems

As the business grows, legal issues tend to increase faster. By availing of forensic accounting, you can look closely at legal issues. This helps to streamline the business processes and activities accordingly.

Solves Contractual Disputes

Suppose you are facing ongoing issues regarding the contracts while dealing with your business clients. In that case, it's high time that you infuse forensic accounting into your business premises, which will ultimately help you to solve the disputes and converts more customers to enhance business profits.

Helps in Criminal Investigations and Defense

Various entities use forensic accounting to catch hold of any illegal activities or malpractices being followed in the company by gathering evidence of such illicit activities so that the management can act.

Aids in the Formulation of Economic Policies

With the help of forensic accounting, a company can determine the flaws in the business's working and formulate its economic policies according to the budget they have in its hands and what goals the company wants to reach.

Improves Brand Reputation

If fraudulent activity is being conducted in the company, not only will it face losses, but the goodwill of the company will also go down. Forensic accounting will help identify such unprofessional conduct and allow management to take remedial measures to improve the company's friendship.

Leads to Sounder Investment Decisions

Forensic accounting allows us to compare the accounting information of the previous duration with the accounting information of the present times. This allows us to make the necessary changes in our decision regarding the allocation of resources in the company.

Simplifies Litigation and Business Valuation

In the case of business valuation and litigations, forensic accounting helps in investigating a particular company regarding the accurate price and the potential profitability of the company and also presents the company's net worth. Forensic accountants are also required if any lawsuit is filed against a company.

What we provide

  • Jaxa Auditors have only the best auditors on board.
  • Our auditing experience is crucial in the Finance sector.
  • Our rates are affordable and reasonable, even for small businesses.
  • We have many existing clients based in and around UAE


Investigative accounting: What is it?

Investigative or fraud examination accounting is another name for forensic accounting. Via specific techniques given by forensic auditors, this engagement typically entails a thorough study of fraud or suspected fraud, misappropriation of assets, employee theft, robbery, criminal activity, unauthorized usage, etc.

What is meant by litigation support under Forensic Accounting in Dubai?

Litigation support is the help provided during judicial proceedings. Your business can address legal counsel concerns by hiring forensic auditors for litigation help.

We offer our customers the necessary support throughout all criminal prosecutions and fraud investigations. In addition, our knowledge of accounting, auditing, and law enables the court to put a dollar amount on financial harm, loss of market value, or fraud-related damages.

What are the benefits of forensic Accounting Services in Dubai?

The benefits are as follows:

  • Minimizes Losses
  • Improves Efficiency
  • Reduces Exploitation Risks
  • Averts Legal Problems
  • Solves Contractual Disputes
  • Helps in Criminal Investigation & Defense
  • Aids in the Formulation of Economic Policies
  • Improves Brand Reputation
  • Leads to Sounder Investment Decisions
  • Simplifies Litigation & Business Valuation.

What are the JAXA forensic Accounting Services in Dubai?

We provide a wide range of services that include:

  • Financial data analysis
  • Evidence Analysis
  • Compiling information
  • Tracing illicit funds
  • Damage Assessment
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • Business Valuation
  • Report Generation.