20 Feb 2019

Abu Dhabi is considered one of the safest, fastest growing and affluent markets in the world. It is turning itself into a platform where multiple businesses from all over the globe can set up their businesses there.

18 Feb 2019

Dubai has been continuously serving as an open business-hub welcoming international investors, entrepreneurs, freelancers, industrialists to set up their own corporate space. As the number of corporate entities grew, it proportionately increased the need for accounting and auditing needs.

15 Feb 2019

There is an incoming and outgoing of cash in every business, regardless of the size. This flow of money is documented via a cash flow statement and has the potential to either make or break the company.

13 Feb 2019

The VAT is one of the recently initiated steps taken by the GCC countries. The idea of launching this step was to bring out a new source of revenue. Being a part of GCC, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) needs to implement the same.

11 Feb 2019

The primary goal of any business is to earn a profit, and this goal cannot be reached without the proper use of finances.

08 Feb 2019

Cash flow is one of the most crucial parts of a business which if not taken care can lead to disastrous results. It indicates how much cash is going out and how much revenue is generated by the company.

06 Feb 2019

A business entity is established with an aim to enter profit by making a legal business transaction. Since the point of establishment, an organization carries out multiple exchanges with internal and external shareholders.

04 Feb 2019

The business environment of a country is very dynamic and can never be predicted accurately. It would help if you regularly change the business model of the business or it may not be able to keep up with the technological, social or political changes of the country.

30 Jan 2019

Whenever a business entity is set up, it acquires a certain amount of value. This value is affected by the rise and fall in the life of the business entity.

28 Jan 2019

By the start of 2018, the GCC countries have taken a step forward to open another revenue gate for the nations which ultimately introduced value-added-tax for the business entities at a rate of 5%.

25 Jan 2019

Whenever we hear about accounting, the first thing that pops up in the mind is a balance sheet that depicts business stability and tells you whether a business is making a profit or is incurring a loss.

21 Jan 2019

The business of accountancy has been growing at a fast pace. We know that by the end of the first quarter in 2019, Brexit will take place that put a great impact on all industries, including accounting.

17 Jan 2019

The term bookkeeping refers to the recording of everyday business transactions that involve sales, purchases, receipts, and payments. Once a business entity gets incorporated, it enters into multiple transactions with multiple stakeholders.

03 Jan 2019

The implementation of VAT charges has become a mandate for the GCC countries at a rate of 5%. The UAE, being one of them, has also implemented the same. As per the UAE VAT Law, most of the tax paid on businesses can be recovered, and is termed as a recoverable tax.

31 Dec 2018

When it comes to business setup in the UAE, one of the most attractive parameters to the international investors is the presence of trade free zones as they are exempted from tax payments. Tax idea of paying no taxes drive the idea of setting up a business in UAE Free Zones.

27 Dec 2018

With a view of giving birth to a new source of income, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has taken a decision to implement VAT with a rate of 5%, that saw the light of day on 1st Jan 2018.

24 Dec 2018

There are many good reasons for hiring accounting services at various stages for small business.

20 Dec 2018

The birth of a business entity is the execution of the idea that an entrepreneur holds. An international business platform that motivates such ideas to mold into reality is Dubai.

17 Dec 2018

Managing finance is one of the most crucial tasks that every business entity needs to go through. A common question that keeps arising in the minds of an entrepreneur is: Is financial audit mandatory? Do the financial reports needs to be submitted to the authority?

13 Dec 2018

Finance stands as one of the significant drivers of a business entity that keeps a check on the financial flow. Moreover, it projects the sustainability and growth prospects of the organisation.

10 Dec 2018

The UAE havs transformed itself into a tourist spot. In the first half of 2018, Dubai itself has attracted more than 8.1 million tourists from every corner of the world. Visitors get fantasized with the tourist spots and are also driven by the craze of shopping in Dubai.