VAT Services in Dubai

When the concept of VAT was prevailing all around the world, tax in UAE still had no fixed layout due to the option of the free zones. On realising that the implementation of VAT would enhance the brand value of a business and would also be an additional source of revenue for the government, the GCC countries agreed to enter into an agreement for the proper implementation of VAT. The Ministry of Finance, UAE have implemented VAT from 1st Jan 2018 and a tax rate of 5% was decided to be charged. The accounting standards followed in UAE is defined by the Federal Tax Authority, UAE also known as FTA. This decision of implementing VAT in UAE 2018 was a bold step by the government.

The impact of VAT in UAE was huge and the taxation in UAE took a new turn as there was exemption on corporate tax as well as the income tax in UAE according to UAE tax law.The implications of UAE VAT 2018 can be huge for you and your business. Read ahead to understand the benefits of Vat for your business.

VAT Services in Dubai

How can VAT Services in Dubai process help your business to grow?

Revenue Generation

VAT immensely contributes towards providing you a new avenue from which your business can generate revenue. This paves out a way for extensive planning and leverage the business growth to the next level.

Enhances Goodwill

Registering for VAT will lead to your business getting noticed by the government of the country. This maximizes the chance of earning a good reputation, and enhancing your company to enhance its goodwill.

Complete Financial Picture

VAT is a mandate for companies as per the UAE VAT Law. Registering a business for VAT with expert consultants ultimately completes the financial picture that is required during an internal and an external audit

New Investment Opportunities

Being a VAT registered business, you will be noticed more by the prospective clients, which would ultimately bring more business. On the other hand, it also opens new investment doors for your business to secure it's future

How JAXA Can Help Your Business?

How JAXA Can Help Your Business?

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How JAXA can help your business?

The JAXA VAT process will give you an in-depth knowledge regarding the VAT implementation, as it has become a mandate to include VAT in the business activities. Subject-matter experts at JAXA are here with industry experience to help you deal with the entire process. You can rely on our experts and utilize your available resources in planning for the future growth of your business.If you hold any doubt, do contact us- even if it's for a friendly advise!