VAT Return Review and Submission Assistance

VAT Return Filing can help a business to get the taxes reimbursed by the Government.

What are VAT Return Filing in Dubai?

Businesses can reimburse the VAT tax paid. This process is known as VAT Return Filing, in which the business states how much extra it paid to the concerned authority.

In simple terms, VAT return filing in Dubai states how much VAT is to be paid or reimbursed by the tax authorities to the business. A VAT return is done quarterly and helps the business track the VAT path.

Entities subject to VAT whose business activities entail international trade. Therefore, while carrying out these activities, it’s better to be VAT compliant to avoid any penalty that hinders the way.

Where to get the VAT Submission in Dubai

Fill out the VAT form via the e-service portal on the FTA website. Below are the details to be filled in,

  • Details of the taxable person
  • VAT return period
  • VAT on sales and all other outputs
  • VAT on expenses and all other inputs
  • Net VAT due
  • Any other reporting requirements
  • Declaration and authorized signatory
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Advantages of VAT Return Review and Submission Assistance


VAT compliance brings along with it certain business goodwill.


In fact, many large firms are often reluctant to conduct business with companies that aren't VAT-registered.

Business Image

The business image gets highlighted once registered under VAT law.

Easy to Manage

VAT is easier to manage as compared to any other indirect tax.

VAT filing not only protects your business but gives legal assurance and proof of your business existence, and it holds the upper hand in the arena of tax payments and avoids a financial loss.

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VAT Registration

Register your company for Value Added Tax in the UAE.

Filing VAT Returns

Check your company records to see if you need to file for VAT Returns.

Dealing with Tax Inspection

Tax inspection is important for a company to understand the current financial condition of the business.

VAT Compliance Process

VAT Compliance will help the management to follow all the rules and regulations fo the jurisdiction.

VAT Recovery

The VAT Recovery process is crucial for crucial for any business.

Payment of Return Submission

The payment for the Return submission needs to be made.


How can I claim my VAT refund in the UAE?

Enter your username and password to access the FTA e-Services Portal. To access the Refund form, navigate to the ‘VAT’ site, then to the ‘VAT311 – VAT Refunds’ tab. Access the form by clicking on the ‘VAT311 – New Tax Refund’ button as seen in the screenshot under the ‘Request VAT Refund’ box.

What are the three basic types of VAT?

There are 3 categories of VAT:

  • Standard-rated.
  • Zero-rated.
  • Exempt supplies.

Who is eligible to file a monthly VAT return in the UAE?

Every registered taxpayer in the UAE must generate and file a VAT return once in every tax period. Depending on the instructions provided by the FTA on your VAT certificate, the tax term is either a month or a quarter (3 months).

What is the VAT return deadline in the UAE?

After registering for VAT in the UAE, you must complete your VAT return and make any related VAT payments within 28 days of the end of your tax period.

Who is exempt from VAT in the UAE?

VAT exemptions are generally granted in the UAE for specific financial services, residential construction and supply of bare land, local travellers, and so on. To be considered exempt from VAT, however, the particular conditions outlined in the UAE VAT Act and Executive Regulations must be met.