Corporate Tax Consultation

Looking for an Authentic Company to Handle Your Matters Regarding the Corporate Tax in UAE? JAXA Chartered Accountants can help you.

Businesses should be aware of the fundamentals of every tax legislation because this will help them determine their level of risk. Tax rules are not intended to be understood by everyone as a use of the legal system.

It necessitates an understanding of how to evaluate legal language in its whole and form judgments while keeping in mind the fundamental purpose of the law and its authors. As a result, experts like us who have expertise dealing with laws and regulations and are trained to interpret their key sections are necessary for comprehending the regulations for UAE Corporate Tax Consultation.

Avail of Our UAE Corporate Tax Public Consultation

Most governments aim to use taxes to boost their revenue. When a company operates in several jurisdictions, managing taxes can be difficult.

No matter where you operate, our services are made to satisfy your needs while addressing the particular difficulties presented by your jurisdiction. We have a broad knowledge of many financial areas, including taxation, accounting, business consultancy, VAT assistance, and more, thanks to our years of substantial industry expertise.

You can solve problems like Corporate Tax in the UAE, transfer pricing, etc., with the help of our useful guidance and a strong tax compliance structure. Along with providing coverage across numerous jurisdictions, we assist you in risk assessment, opportunity identification, cost reduction, and confidently making wise decisions.

The UAE Corporate Tax Services Provided by Us

Compliance, reporting, and risk management for various taxes are some of these problems. We develop a watertight plan through a thorough analysis, assist clients in changing their processes, technology, and resourcing models, and provide worldwide outsourcing capabilities.

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How Can We Help?

We can help your company by providing the following:

Evaluating and providing advice on the company’s tax effects
Determining corporate tax status and providing advice on any corporate tax exemptions available to enterprises operating in free zones, offshore, and on the mainland.
Evaluating and examining the potential for tax grouping among corporations to receive tax benefits
Advising on group company restructuring, including that of international subsidiaries and branches
Advising on potential international tax credits, withholding tax, and interest and expenditure deductions.

Choose Us as Your UAE Corporate Tax Consultant

Our services aim to reduce the tax burden, ensure compliance with new legislation, and ensure smooth corporate operations. We can assist you in meeting the new expectations of the UAE market and managing multi-jurisdictional tax operations thanks to our extensive consulting experience in several financial services sectors.

We bring in our devoted tax management professionals to address your crucial initiatives with a coordinated tax plan supported by an execution roadmap. So, reach out to us and avail our UAE Corporate Tax Consultation services.

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What we provide

We ensure that all the records are compliant to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
We are registered and approved auditors in major free zones in Dubai making it easy to conduct audit in the free zone.
We have an experienced team of over 75+ employees and have an experience of 15+ years.
Over a decade of quality service has made us one of the most preferred auditing and accounting firms in Dubai.


Who is in charge of administering, collecting, and enforcing UAE CT?

The UAE CT will be administered, collected, and enforced by the Federal Tax Authority.

Is registration under UAE CT required?

Every company in Dubai that is subject to corporate tax is required to register with the FTA within the allotted time.

How is the corporate income tax rate in Dubai applied to different types of revenue made by UAE residents and non-residents in the UAE?

The profits and gains from business operations conducted in Dubai by both residents and non-residents will be subject to corporate income tax starting on June 1, 2023.

What percentage of income in Dubai is subject to tax?

On income over AED 375,000, Dubai’s (UAE) corporate tax will be applied at a rate of 9% to the net profit or loss after a number of adjustments and deductions.