FTA Approved Tax Agents – How Can They Help Your Business?

Jaxa Chartered Accountants is one of the top tax agents in the UAE, approved by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). If you are looking for top tax agent services in UAE, we can offer you the best Tax Consultancy services as a licensed tax agency.

We support numerous companies with the compliance requirements for VAT and Corporate Tax in UAE by the UAE FTA guidelines. To represent firms and businesses before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), Jaxa has been assigned as one of the FTA Approved Tax Agents in the UAE.

Over 16 years, we have grown into a well-known Audit firm in Dubai offering the best auditing services and are reputable tax agents and tax experts in the UAE.

We Are an Expert Tax Agent in Dubai to Help Your Business

In Dubai, a tax agent is typically chosen to represent a taxable person before the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) in UAE. A Tax Agent in Dubai (UAE) handles a company’s tax responsibilities and ensures all business operations adhere to the FTA’s laws and regulations.

The FTA has approved and certified us as a registered Tax Agent in UAE, and therefore, Jaxa is now an FTA-approved tax consultant in Dubai & UAE.

Who Are the Tax Agents?

A tax agent is an FTA-registered individual enlisted to represent businesses on UAE tax-related matters before the tax authorities and assist in assessing their tax obligations and compliance. The tax agent represents a business in legal matters about taxes.

UAE-licensed tax agents ensure the company’s compliance with tax obligations. A tax agent’s function is to act as a liaison between businesses and the UAE tax authority and to facilitate tax compliance in UAE for businesses.

With the evolving tax regime in UAE and increased compliances, businesses must consider hiring an FTA-approved Tax agent who is professional in this field with vast experience.

What Distinguishes Tax Advisors from Tax Agents in the United Arab Emirates?

In the United Arab Emirates, a tax agent is a person or business that has been granted permission by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) to act on behalf of taxpayers in their interactions with the FTA, including filing tax returns, registering for taxes, and communicating with the FTA.

On the other hand, a tax advisor is a specialist who offers advice and direction on tax-related issues but may not always be permitted by the FTA to represent taxpayers in interactions with the authority.

Services of a Tax Agency in Dubai & UAE

Jaxa is one of the top UAE Auditors who are licensed tax agents. Our team of tax professionals has dealt with and managed various UAE tax-related issues and offered the best solutions for businesses to confirm that operations will always be smooth, effective, and UAE tax compliant.

Jaxa tax advisors can also assist you in comprehending the new Corporate tax law, learning about UAE Corporate tax, and choosing the most effective Corporate Tax implementation strategy for your business. As a certified UAE tax agent, we can guarantee accurate UAE VAT  and UAE Corporate Tax compliance for all companies.

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Advantages of Employing a Tax Agent in Dubai & UAE

The business owner and key management personnel can concentrate on other crucial tasks while a UAE FTA-approved tax agent manages all of a company’s tax-related matters. The main advantages of engaging a UAE tax agent are as follows:

  • Provides assistance with tax preparation, assessment, and representation
  • It saves both time and money
  • Provides assistance with tax registration, implementation, and compliance
  • It helps you to be timely and accurately file your returns
  • Provides long-term advice.

Choose Us as Your Tax Agent in UAE

Companies and taxable individuals are urged to work with a tax agent approved by FTA in UAE to ensure accurate compliance. Businesses might not always pay attention to their tax requirements which can lead to UAE tax penalties being imposed.

So, hiring an FTA-approved tax agent in UAE is always recommended for UAE tax-related issues. By helping the business communities grasp the laws and regulations, our highly qualified and experienced tax consultants played a crucial part in effectively implementing Tax in the United Arab Emirates.

Jaxa Auditing has qualified tax advisors that are well-versed in the region’s rules and laws relating to taxes in the UAE. Reach out to us as we provide the best and top-notch services as one of the leading tax agents in the Emirates.