VAT Compliance Audit

VAT Compliance Audit helps your company in understanding and following all the rules and regulations of a jurisdiction.

The implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) was a very big step on the part of the UAE Government, but its implementation was had many advantages to companies. The filing and registration for VAT should be done correctly, and the complete procedure should comply with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). Many time companies may face problems while filing or registration of VAT and for such times they should consider availing the assistance of JAXA Chartered Accountants

The VAT Compliance services offered by JAXA Chartered Accountants require an examination of all the information provided as by a dedicated expert. This helps the management of a business to know if the company is facing any difficulty in the VAT filing process and also helps in deciding any more information needs to be provided by the company.

 VAT Registration Thresholds in the UAE

The first and most fundamental need for registering VAT in Dubai is to determine whether your company meets the below-given criteria for paying VAT.

Mandatory VAT Registration

Businesses with an annual income of more than AED 375,000 must register for VAT.

Voluntary VAT Registration

Businesses with annual revenues between AED 187,500 and AED 375,000 must register voluntarily.

VAT Registration for Start-Ups

Registering VAT in Dubai is essential for start-ups with more than AED 187,500 for VAT-related expenses.


How Can JAXA Help Your Business

JAXA Chartered Accountants comprise of experts and professionals which will help the business to claim and file the correct Value Added Tax. Since the inception and implementation of Value Added Tax (VAT) and all businesses which come under the threshold need to register for VAT and any non- compliance in the matter may lead to penalties of the business. The experts at JAXA Chartered Accountants will understand your business and accordingly provide the best possible solution to the company. For any more assistance about VAT Audit Services in the UAE feel free to contact us.

Avail best quality Auditing and Accounting services from JAXA

The expert will help to tackle business issues by following proper Accounting and Auditing guidelines will also assist you to scale up your business. JAXA also provides various other services such as Tax Services, Payroll Services, Cash flow forecasting and many more.

Advantages of VAT Compliance Audit

Prevent scams

A thorough compliance investigation can reduce fraud and increase productivity.

Reduce Company Expenses

Reduce extra expenditures by providing accurate information on filing and registration.

Non- Compliance

Non-compliance may result in many penalties and the company's bankruptcy. Avoid these penalties and take your business to the next level by addressing VAT compliance difficulties.


Client Approaches

Client Approaches, and we collect the Company Data.


The JAXA experts analyze the current registration status of the business.


From time to time, JAXA will conduct reviews of VAT de-registration status.


How can businesses ensure VAT compliance in Dubai, UAE?

Businesses can ensure VAT compliance in Dubai, UAE, by registering for VAT, keeping accurate financial records, charging and paying VAT correctly, and submitting VAT returns on time.

What are the benefits of being VAT compliant in Dubai, UAE?

Being VAT compliant in Dubai, UAE, can help businesses avoid penalties and fines, maintain good relationships with customers and suppliers, and improve their reputation in the market.

How can businesses keep track of their VAT compliance in Dubai, UAE?

Businesses can keep track of their VAT compliance in Dubai, UAE, by using VAT compliance software or working with a tax consultant who is knowledgeable about VAT regulations.

What are the consequences of non-compliance with VAT regulations in Dubai, UAE?

Businesses not complying with VAT regulations in Dubai, UAE, may face penalties and fines, including monetary fines and imprisonment.

How has VAT compliance become more straightforward in Dubai, UAE?

VAT compliance has become more straightforward in Dubai, UAE, by implementing online VAT systems, such as the Federal Tax Authority’s (FTA) online portal for VAT registration and submission of VAT returns.