Accounting Services in Dubai South Free Zone

While nurturing Dubai South, the government of Dubai had a vision in mind which was to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their aspirations for the betterment of society and economy. Dubai South was formerly known as Dubai World Central. Dubai South is similar to a dream project for the government of the UAE. Especially the government of Dubai aims to make this free zone the most significant business hub in the middle east.

Since the UAE’s first free zone was inaugurated in the decade of 80s, it is entirely appropriate to say that all the Free Zones have been roaring success. Free zones are credited for playing a massive part in both the diversification of the UAE’s economy and the country’s rise to becoming a global business hub. The UAE’s free zones alone account for one-third of the UAE’s. According to Gulf News, the non-oil trade of the UAE was estimated at around USD 140BN in 2015. Hence it quite clear why entrepreneurs are choosing the UAE for setting up their business.

Dubai South has been recognised as the most pioneering projects in the country of the UAE. The most significant reason for Dubai South to become the most pioneering project of the government of Dubai is its capacity to host the most significant event of the middle east, which is the World Expo 2020. Dubai South is situated a 10-minute drive away from Jebel Ali Seaport. Jebel Ali Seaport is one of the busiest ports of the middle east. It is also located quite close to Al Maktoum International Airport. Al Maktoum International Airport is situated at a 15-minute drive away from Dubai South. Hence the geographical location of Dubai South is enough to give the much-needed boost to your business venture.

Types of Licenses Issued in Dubai South

1.General Trading License

Generally, a trading license is required for activities such as import or export, distribution and storage, and sale of specific products in the market of the UAE. A general trading license allows you to do trading of goods, except the prohibited ones.

2.Service License

A service license in Dubai South will allow you to conduct services that are specified by the authorities within the Dubai South free zone.

3.Logistics License –

A logistics license is issued to a company for it to perform transportation activities.

4.Industrial License

If you plan to have a manufacturing unit, then the industrial license is what you should acquire to perform such activities.

5.Educational License

An educational license needs to be issued when you are planning for a consultancy company or training institutes or social service firm.

Advantages of Dubai South

Now that you are aware of the facilities and licenses that are available in Dubai South. Let us give you a glimpse of the benefits that are waiting for you at Dubai South.

1.Dubai South is a Multimodal Platform

Dubai South Comprises of several districts that turns it to a multimodal platform. The platforms which are part of Dubai South are; Al Maktoum International airport, Logistics District, Aviation District, Residential District, Commercial District, Humanitarian District, Exhibition District and Golf District.

2.Dubai South has a Strategic Location.

One of the most critical factors for the success of a business is its location. It is located at the South of Jebel Ali. DWS is connected to Jebel Ali port through a logistics corridor.

The same corridor connects Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Dubai By-Pass.

Dubai South is one of the largest Business Hub – Dubai South is easily accessible to all the neighbouring countries, which makes Dubai South convenient for other countries.

3.100% Ownership

Unlike the mainland of Dubai, this business hub gives you a hundred per cent ownership. Being an ex-pat, you hold the power of taking benefits of your investments and profits that you have earned.

4.Flexible Office Solutions

Dubai South already has pre-built offices, which can be rented or leased by you. These plug and play offices make it a lot easier for you to set up your business.

Why You Need Accounting Services in Dubai South

The role of Accounting Services in Dubai in attaining success is known to every business holder. The process of accounting will not only keep a record of all the transactions in the business but will also ace up the process of growth for your business. You will be able to understand the working of the business and take decisions accordingly.

  1. You will have a detailed overview of your business.
  2. Receive an additional perspective that might be missing in your business
  3. Always ready for Value Added Charges.
  4. Improve your credit rating
  5. Become more reliable
  6. Find cost-effective ways to fill the gaps in your business.
  7. Rectify your procedural errors and mistakes
  8. Promote accountability

The examination of the financial statements of an organisation is referred to as an audit of the company. The audit aims to make you aware of the financial condition of the firm. An audit will check essential things, such as if the accounting reports are correct or not.

How can JAXA Help?

Jaxa is a platform that provides financial services like audit services and bookkeeping to individuals and companies across the globe. JAXA comprises of experts which can guide you through the complete accounting and auditing process. Contact us today for if you have any questions about the services provided by JAXA in Dubai Media City.

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