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Published on: 13 Feb 2020


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All You Need to Know About KPIs in Organization

Every organization in the world works towards specific specified goals and has a mission and vision for the future. These goals and targets are measured from time to time to understand the present condition of the organization. These measurable factors which help in figuring out the performance of the company and help us to gauge the future performance of the company are called Key Performance Indicators or KPIs.

Let us obtain some more knowledge about KPIs

KPIs: Meaning

A KPI can be understood as a performance indicator. It is a tool which measures the performance of the company in various aspects and also allows for the valuation of the success achieved by the company.  KPIs will not only help to understand the performance of the company as a whole but will also assist in understanding the contribution and the deviation of each department of the company.

Every business requires to evaluate the activities performed by them so that the management can compare the performances either with a previous time frame or with the competitors in the market. This is where KPI can help a company.

Identifying and selecting a KPI is very important as choosing the correct KPI will allow you to understand the real situation of the company and in turn, help in devising a strategy to change the location. To understand this in a better way, let us take an example. In the manufacturing industry, the main goal of a company will be to produce more products, and this means that the KPI which will be measured will be total goods sold.

Another example can be taken of a digital marketing company. One of the main aims of the company will be to increase the time spent on a specific page or the complete website in general. So the KPI on which the company will focus is overall sessions by a client or the sessions per page.

Benefits of Choosing the Right KPI

A comparison of the KPIs will allow the management to understand the present condition of the company and how much deviation has been caused. Some of the benefits of using the KPIs in the day to day business are given below:

1.Setting up Goals

The KPIs will allow the management to understand the performance of the company. This will assist the administration to make specific goals for a period, and they will also be able to monitor the set goals regularly.

2.Comparison of Performance

Measuring KPIs will allow the management to compare these indicators to understand the performance of the company as a whole fully. With a comparison of the KPIs, it will be possible to understand which department or process needs more attention to the management so that there is more productivity.  

3.Better Management

The KPIs will help in better decision making and will allow for better management of the company. This will significantly increase the efficiency of the company and will also help to understand which department or process requires more effort or resources.

4.incentivize the Employees

With the availability of the data and easy comparison, the management can find out which employee of the company has worked harder than the rest of the others and then incentivize the employee. This will not only increase the morale of the particular person but will also motivate the other employees.

5.Better Budget Making

The KPIs will allow the management to understand the requirements of the various departments and will also assist in the proper allocation of resources. The resources will include either physical raw materials, human resources or funds required for the company to run its course.

The above mentioned five benefits are only some of the many benefits that choosing the right KPI can provide to a company. Many other benefits of selecting a KPIs can provide. If you want to implement KPIs appropriately, you can use the services of an accounting firm which will take care of all the financial requirements of your company.

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