Which Is the Correct Time to Conduct an Internal Audit

Oct 2020

Almost every business is set up with the intention to make a profit for its management and shareholders, but during the course of business, the company faces certain problems that need to create an impediment. This situation needs to be resolved so that the business goes back to the profit-making mode. One of the best ways to bring the business back on track is to conduct an Internal Audit.

In this blog, we will learn what an internal audit is and when should the management conduct an internal audit for a business.

What is the Meaning of Internal Audit?

An Internal Audit is a process in which a thorough examination of the company is done by either an individual or a third party that is familiar with the functioning of the company. This activity helps in assuring the people and its investors that the company is working diligently towards its Mission and Vision.

The main aim of an internal audit is to understand the financial condition of the company and to find out any pitfalls present in the business activities. The Internal audit also helps to instill a sense of confidence in the present and potential investors about the direction of the business.

When should a Business conduct an Internal Audit?

From time to time, the management of a company should conduct the audit of a company so that it can gauge the current conditions of the business and make proper future arrangements for the business. The audit services will also play a key role in resolving any efficiency and fraud issues in the company. The internal audit should be conducted by the management in the following cases:

1.If you Notice a Misappropriation in your Account Books

No management can give specifics on how a company will perform before time. They can only provide an estimate according to the historical data. But if the actual numbers are very different than the estimation, this means that there may be some problem that is not known to the management ad to remedy this situation, the company should conduct an internal audit.

2.If there is a Decline in the Cash Flow

The flow of cash into and out of business can tell us a lot. The flow of cash may be affected by the present business environment, so there can be a discrepancy once or twice, but if this discrepancy persists, then it is the duty of the management to look into the matter and provide a solution.

3.Before making any New Investments

Before making an investment, the management should be well versed in the financial condition of the company. Similar is the condition when the management is going to generate funds either through an IPO (Initial Public Offer), Loans, or any other method. The management should be thorough with the financial condition of the business before taking any step to generate funds.

4.When there is a new Joining or a Key Employee leaves

The leaving or joining of a key employee can affect the profitability of the company. an audit should be done to find out what work was handled by a person in that position so that the person can perform the work with complete efficiency.

5.On a Regular Basis

An internal audit should be conducted periodically as decided by the management due to its numerous benefits. This way, the management will be in constant touch with the financial health of the business and will also have time to plan for the future of the business. this will also improve the profitability and greatly increase the customer satisfaction of the business.

The management can also look into conducting an external audit, but it is preferred that first, an internal audit is conducted so that the management knows the current picture of the financial health of the business.

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