7 Roles of Emirates Auditors

The continuous growth of the business incorporations in the United Arab Emirates has increased the requirement for audit process in the region. An audit process stands as a compulsion that every business entity needs to go through without an excuse. The process is carried out to figure out the loopholes in the business proceedings and sort them accordingly. It turns out very quickly if you have an experienced auditor by your side. Since you have incorporated or planning to incorporate your business in the Emirates, it would be beneficial if you consider Emirates Auditors to be on your side. Now, before you go ahead and approach one, it will turn out to be helpful if you have knowledge on the role of Emirates Auditors that they play during an audit process. This guide will help you to get a clear idea of their role, which will help you to select the best auditors in the UAE. Keep reading!

Key Roles of Emirates Auditors

A certified emirates auditor will play the following roles while dealing with your business:

1.Act as a Guide

One of the tasks that a certified Emirate Auditor will perform is to act as a guide to drive your business. An experienced auditor will guide you to understand the loopholes present in the business books and its effects and will guide you to rectify the same. Having a qualified professional by your side is a boon because they possess an ocean of knowledge on the audit. Being a business professional if you can acquire this knowledge, would turn out to be fruitful for your company.

2.Act as a Problem-Solver

Another role that an experienced auditor in Dubai play is that of a problem-solver. Since they stand as subject matter experts and deal with the audit process daily, with different clients, they can quickly grasp the loopholes present in your accounting books, and fetch out relevant respective solutions for the same.

3.Act as a Catalyst

A certified Emirate Auditor holding experience in the field of accounting would catalyze between your business and the Government. It is well-known that an audit report gets generated after the audit process, which includes an audit score. Acquiring a high audit score can help your business to create better goodwill in the eyes of the Government.

4.Ease out the Business Books and Proceedings

It might stand as the fact that audit may not be your cup of tea, and you hardly understand it. Well, a certified Emirates auditor will not only solve or scrutiny your accounting books but will also make it much simpler for you to understand it in an easy way. The auditor will take utmost care to make you know the complete scenario, and the reasons behind the audit score earned.

5.Acts as an Informer

As stated in the previous point, an experienced Emirate Auditor will deal with several clients from different industries every day. Thus, he/she possess knowledge on the market insights. By joining hands with the certified auditor in Dubai, you will be able to gain the market information which will help you to create more customers and boosts your business growth.

6.Stabilizes the Internal Proceedings

An auditor not only takes care of handling the business books but also takes a look at the internal proceedings of a company. In case of any doubt, each employee present gets questioned, and by doing so, they can give you a clear idea on the internal proceedings of your company, and fix the issues (if any).

7.Act as a Planner

Planning is the very first pillar of management that drives a business entity. Proper planning will help you to boost your business Certified auditors take the responsibility of assisting you in building business plans, as they are well-aware that business planning requires an overall approach. They will help you to make realistic plans, which will help your business to grow accordingly.

Thus, you can see that having an experienced auditor turns out to be profitable for your business. Although you need to incur a specific cost at the initial stage, it’s worth paying as the revenue that gets generated after rectifying the overall company’s internal proceedings turns out to be way higher. Are you wondering whom to approach? Well, don’t worry. Your solution is right below.

JAXA Chartered Accountants stands as one DMCC approved auditors in UAE who has been delivering accounting services and auditing services to multiple clients across the UAE. Our audit experts are well-versed with the audit procedures and can help you to carry out the proceedings in an easy and hassle-free way. If you hold any query or want to speak to our experts, do contact us-we’d be glad to assist.

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