All you need to know about Freelance Work Permits in the UAE

We have seen a steady escalation in the number of people who are looking to do the work which they feel like without joining a business. The Government of the UAE has understood this increasing requirement and taken steps to assist people from coming into the country. The actions taken up by the UAE government will also attract a number of freelancers from all over the world.

Many companies also prefer to utilize the services of freelancers in different fields. This decision is taken up by the management mostly due to the following reasons.

1.  Cost Aspect

It is way cheaper to avail of the services of a freelancer than to hire an employee. When hiring an employee, a company needs to incur a lot of costs except the monthly salary given to the employee, such as training cost, cost incurred in finding the right person, and providing the various other benefits in kind to the person. The company will not be required to bear these costs when hiring a freelancer. You can read our blog How to Register for VAT as a Freelancer in UAE for more details.

2.  Fresher Ideas

A freelancer will come up with more diverse and new ideas as they will have the chance to work across different industries and companies. This will enable the freelancers to come up with unique ideas for the company.

3.  Professionalism

A freelancer will be more professional in conducting their work as the work will add to their resume, and a robust resume will assist them in getting a better job. The speed of delivery of their work will also be higher as they will not have to consult the higher authorities.

4.  Quality of work

Better quality of work is also one of the benefits of availing the service of a freelancer. As the freelancer is not employed by the company and has the aim of working in other avenues also, they will provide their best work possible. Even the better their job is, the more businesses will avail their services.

These benefits of availing the services of a freelancer attract the businesses to engage their services in the UAE.

If you are employed as a freelancer in the UAE, you need to take care that the authority properly licenses you. You are required to obtain a Trade License relating to the business activity that you are following. A number of free-zones offer reasonably priced packages and will even entertain the idea of getting such a license on an installment basis.

The licenses which will be required will depend on the nature of the business, which will be conducted. A person can obtain the necessary license from one of two ways:

On average, the process of obtaining a freelancer VISA will take anywhere from one week to ten days. Most of the licensing authorities need the freelancer first to obtain some sort of an office. This office may be very minimal and may not consist of a massive working area. There are also some licensing authorities that may not require any dedicated office of the business to provide you with a freelancing license.

There are many factors and conditions which need to be kept in mind while availing of a freelancer license. A freelancer will also require various Accounting and Auditing services once the business gains traction. These services are of enormous importance as an established freelancer may require such services in the future to stay compliant with the present laws of the country as well as stay updated with the current financial state of the company.

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