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Published on: 10 Apr 2023

Tax Services

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If you are someone who does business in the UAE or wishes to do a business setup in the UAE, that’s actually not really tough. The struggle pops up when you come to the phase where you are in need of a tax consultant. 

Choosing the right tax consultant in the UAE is the toughest job, especially when there are so many good tax agents around you. This blog will explain all about the criteria for choosing the right tax consultant in the UAE;

Points to be Considered Before Selecting a Tax Agent in UAE

Consider the points listed below before choosing a tax consultant in the UAE;

  • Check the Qualification of Tax Consultant

The most important thing is to check the qualifications of the registered tax advisors in Dubai. The tax agent you hire should have the proper qualifications. He/She should be a certified Chartered accountant, which is also called a CA, or a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Tax Consultants should hold a Good Reputation

Reputation is directly linked with the trust. A business owner can trust only a reputed tax agent. So, check the reputation of the tax agent in the UAE. He/She should not have any kind of negative reports.

  • Specialized in your Industry

It’s always better to hire a tax agent in the UAE who has expertise in your own industry and has the experience of working in the same.

  • Communication And Accessibility

Communication is the key; it should be effective while communicating with a tax agent in the UAE for the tax agent services. He/she should always be accessible to you and a quick responder. It should be like making you wait for longer times.

  • Fees Structure

One of the most important parts is the fees and the billing structure of the tax consultant in the UAE. It is always better to talk about the fees beforehand to avoid last-minute misunderstandings and arguments. Discussing prior will help you choose the right tax agent under your budget.

  • Technology And Software

The tax consultant in the UAE should be familiar with various accounting software, such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage.

Conclusion - Choose Us as Your Tax Agent in UAE

Tax advisors in the UAE are capable enough, but what matters is your requirements and choosing the right advisor. To make your hunt much easier, here are we, JAXA Chartered Accountants, one of the best tax advisors in the UAE. Contact us for in-depth information.

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