How to Register for UAE VAT and File VAT Return in UAE?

Do you need to file a VAT Return in UAE if you operate a business here? We’re here to help, and in this post, we’ll go over how UAE businesses can file VAT Returns precisely and easily.

All About the VAT Filing in UAE

For firms that have registered for VAT in the UAE, filing a VAT return is a critical step that must be performed. Calculating your taxable income and expenses as well as VAT liability or refund, filling out VAT return forms and electronically submitting them to FTA via the e-Services portal, responding to any inquiries from FTA within 5-10 business days of receiving the inquiry, and maintaining all pertinent records are all steps in the UAE’s VAT return filing process.

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Need for VAT Registration

The turnover threshold is one of the important requirements for VAT registration in the UAE. For all firms in the UAE with annual taxable supplies and imports worth more than AED 375,000, VAT registration is required; for enterprises with annual taxable supplies and imports worth more than AED 187,500, VAT registration is voluntary.

How Do You Register for VAT?

According to VAT regulations, you must submit a VAT registration application online in order to register for VAT in the UAE. You must submit all required supporting documentation, including a business license copy, turnover declaration letter, copies of directors’ and shareholders’ passports, etc.

The applicant will obtain a VAT registration number if the FTA approves the application for VAT registration; this number must be included all tax invoices issued by the registrant.

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Need for VAT Return filing

The filing of VAT returns should be done on a regular basis to make sure the company is VAT compliant. VAT returns must be submitted electronically via the FTA portal or authorized VAT agents in the UAE.

To prevent any fines levied by FTA, it is crucial to submit VAT returns on time and pay VAT liabilities promptly. Businesses must also make sure that all pertinent records are kept current in order to prevent any issues with the filing of VAT returns.

Drafting a VAT Return

In order to file a VAT return, one must keep information about various types of supplies made by the business and it’s VAT as well as VAT incurred on purchases/expenses and arrive at the net VAT payable/refund due. Following the conclusion of each one/three-month VAT Return period, the VAT return must be filed within 28 days.

Proceed with the VAT Return Filing in UAE

Taxpayers must login to EMARTAX portal using the login credential created at the time of registration in order to access the VAT system and file VAT returns in the United Arab Emirates.

Top tax professionals in the UAE offer effective services for filing VAT returns and aid with producing VAT returns and immediately submitting them to regulatory bodies. According to UAE VAT legislation, firms must keep precise records of their sales and purchases to make VAT return filing easier.

Keeping track of all VAT payments received or made over the course of a given period is also crucial.

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Here are some simple procedures to follow when requesting a VAT refund in the United Arab Emirates;

  • The individual must access the FTA’s web portal at as their first action. We already know why using the internet portal is necessary because there are no offline methods of contacting the FTA for the purpose of filing a VAT return in Dubai.
  • Following a visit to the web portal, you will notice a wide range of possibilities. You must select the option to file a return after going to the web portal, and this option is essentially located in the e-services area.
  • The final step would now be to log into the FTA service site, and the process of logging in is straightforward.
  • After logging in, complete the VAT form with all the necessary information. Details such as taxable sales/income (categorized according to the Emirate of operation) and output VAT , export income, details of import done, value of taxable expenses and input VAT are the basic information that needs to be filled in.
  • Filling out the form is a crucial task that should under no circumstances be overlooked. When filling out the details, folks should pay close attention and ensure that there are no errors.
  • Before submitting your form, double-check that it is accurate; there should be no inaccuracies at all. Fill all empty spaces; do not leave any. You can submit your form once you feel that it is complete.
  • Another tab titled “My Payments” will appear. You must choose that choice to make your final payment.

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