How to Select the Best Bookkeeping Firms in Dubai?

Jul 2020

Keeping a continuous track of business transactions is a tedious job. However, non-maintenance of the same will lead to a difference in the business calculations and relevant proceedings. The business owners, entrepreneurs, prefer to proceed ahead with the option of outsourcing the same so that they can make better utilization of their available time. Now, hiring or selecting a professional firm is a tough job. To ease the same, this article provides the relevant aspects that you need to have a look at before choosing the professional expert for your business services. Let’s deep dive.

1. Reputaion and Standing in the Market

The reputation of the firm plays a very important role in deciding which bookkeeping firm you should choose.The management should chek whether the firm has been approved by banks as an approved auditor,how many free zones it is listed in, how old is the firm, how many offices the firm holds in the UAE, etc. It is a well documented fact that companies of smaller size and of a lower repute often run away or are closed down quickly and because of this a company may loose all of their accounting data.


The management needs to have a look at the cost of availing the services of the professional firm. Now, the analysis should not end at a point that if any firm is charging less cost, you should proceed ahead with the same. Take a moment to analyze the price range, as well as the quality of service that the experts have promised to deliver.

Many a times a business only requires selected services in which case there can be a huge decrease in costs which will in-turn increase the profitability of the company.


A bookkeeping or accounting firm holding a certificate from the recognized bodies provides authenticity regarding their work process and quality of services served. Make sure to proceed ahead with a certified firm to carry out your business services accordingly.

4.Business Specializations

It is a fact that the accounting and bookkeeping firms also provide other services like business planning, VAT, financial restructuring, etc. which is directly or indirectly related to any business. However, it is essential to understand the KPI of a business entity before you finalize a business deal. You need to understand the specializations that the firm holds, and then have a cross-check with your business requirements.

5.Way of Approach

In the market, there are multiple accounting or audit firms that promise to deliver fast services to their clients. However, selecting one from them is may not be the right choice, you need to have a look at the way of their approach. This will help you to understand their quality and also you will get clarity regarding the process that they will be initiating.

6.Quality of Service

The whole idea of proceeding ahead with a bookkeeping firm is that your business records are maintained in a professional and sorted way. The quality of service matters a lot because that is what you have paid the relevant fee for. Before selecting a bookkeeping firm, make sure that you know about the quality of their services through different mediums like testimonials, certificates, etc. Having this assurance will help you to gain a sense of confidence that your business records are in safe hands.


Imagine a scenario wherein you have paid the relevant fee, but then, over a period, you are not able to reach out to your business partner. While choosing a bookkeeping firm, keep in mind that you need to check the accessibility parameter to a great extent. This will help you to clarify your business at the right time. On the other hand, if the business partner finds out any loopholes, it becomes easy for them to communicate and inform the issue.

So, by now, you have got a complete idea of the various parameters that need to be checked before proceeding towards a bookkeeping firm in Dubai. It is essential to understand that you are not only selecting a business partner to take care of your accounts but also you will be revealing the confidential details with the third party. Once you invest, you need to avail the services at any cost. So, the smarter option is to proceed ahead with a business partner who holds a reputation in the market, is certified, and can simplify the tough-end process for you.

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