Why You Should Outsource Your Accounting Function in Dubai, UAE

Sep 2018

In today’s world, accounting and bookkeeping play a very vital tool in the business world. These not only provide you with useful information about your company’s financial health but also give you metrics to plan your corporate strategy. In order to get your accounting and bookkeeping services outsourced, one should first know the benefits of this service.

Why Does a Business Need Accounting and Bookkeeping Services?

Accounting and bookkeeping in Dubai can turn out to be very beneficial for any organization as it helps in keeping a track of all the cash inflow/outflow, payment of relevant taxes, tax filings, etc., which eventually gives a clear future outlook of the company as well as helps in planning business strategies better, ensuring that a business runs more efficiently by averting taxation hazards in the future. Accounting and bookkeeping can prove to be time-consuming and chore-intensive as the UAE functions on a pre-defined set of accounting standards and interpretations, which cannot be violated. To work in accordance with these standards and interpretations, a company must have a robust support function which has proper knowledge of the country’s accounting policies.

What Is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a business practice of hiring individual or company from the outside, either domestically or internationally, in order to manage certain business activities of a company. Outsourcing is also known as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and the external company which provides the outsourcing facility is known as the service provider or a third-party provider. The job of such a company is to arrange vitals for its own workers or computer systems in order to perform the tasks or services either on site of the hiring company’s own facilities or at external locations. Outsourcing, in other terms, can also be defined as an agreement wherein one company contracts out a particular part of existing internal activity to another company.

Benefits of Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Accounting in Dubai, UAE

  • Saves money and reduces overhead
  • Minimizes time and improves operational efficiency
  • Provides expert services
  • Maintains flexible employment benefits
  • Provides tax and audit-ready financials
  • Develops proactivity and scaling
  • Improves financial processes

How Is Outsourcing of Accounting and Bookkeeping Beneficial?

Accounting and bookkeeping are the types of tasks which require time and accuracy, especially since when you are an entrepreneur or own a start-up, you already bear a huge pile of work that has to be done in a very limited period of time which develops a great amount of financial pressure. Meanwhile, as a fresher in the business environment, you face certain situations which can turn out to be very complex for you to handle on your own. It is then that outsourcing comes into the picture. It not only gives you expert support but also cuts down the cost burden which you would have spent on hiring an accountant for your small business. Not only this, outsourcing also ensures exceptionally faster and higher quality results compared to an in-house employee. So, ultimately, the idea behind outsourcing is to eliminate the factors which divert the focus and scope of the business from their main goal by minimizing the cost and enhancing services, thereby adding value to the operations of the company.

Precautionary Measures to Be Taken While Outsourcing

Outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping of a company holds a lot of benefits by providing ready access to financial knowledge and expertise. Nevertheless, these benefits go hand in hand with various risks that cannot be overlooked. In order to save oneself from getting the short end of the stick, it is advisable to take certain corrective measures while availing the outsourcing facility. Certain things to be kept in mind while outsourcing to audit firms in Dubai are:

  • Make on-site visits in order to validate the compatibility and hence discuss the work-related topics with people in the office directly
  • Discuss the way of cooperation and the methodology that will be used in the execution of work
  • Ask for full transparency of the work and ensure that you have live access to complete data
  • Check if the company is working with the latest technology and using the latest software
  • Check for the hidden costs. Keenly pay attention to how the company provides estimates and how do they describe the way of money distribution
  • Make sure you define your work expectations as clear as possible in order to get the desired results
  • Make sure the company protects your important and confidential data and intellectual property as it is very crucial in the business industry
  • Make timely cross-checks in order to analyze the work status and also to check whether the company is functioning according to the region’s financial reporting standards

All an all, outsourcing one’s accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai to audit firms has its share of benefits, and can prove to be a worthwhile business decision while setting up your company in Dubai. With mutual goals and checks in place, outsourcing can work wonders for a company.

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