6 Promising Qualities of a Bookkeeper that Create a Key Impact on Businesses

You might come across various scenarios where you have given a thought of appointing a professional bookkeeper. It is a well-known fact that a professional bookkeeper helps in multiple ways to excel in business. However, it is to be taken care that while dealing or selecting your bookkeeper, you need to look at certain qualities. Particular focus needs to be put on certain areas because the tasks carried out by your bookkeeper leaves a massive impact on your business. This article will highlight the six qualities that you should look forward while selecting a bookkeeper.

1.Should be an Experienced Professional

The first thing you need to look at while selecting a business accounting partner is that they hold experienced. Holding an experience gives trust that they are well-versed with the accounting rules and proceedings. By choosing an experienced professional, you can be sure that your business records are in safe hands. Moreover, a well-experienced professional will be very quick in delivering out the solutions, as compared to a new accountant entering the market.

An experienced accounting or bookkeeping professional will not only help you in maintaining records but can also help you in maintaining the cash flowsbusiness planning and financial restructuring, auditing etc. So, make sure that you select an experienced partner to proceed with your business proceedings.

2.Updated with Technology

Being well-equipped with technology is one of the necessities in today’s modern world. The technology has blended itself exceptionally well with the accounting and bookkeeping domain to speed up the process. It becomes imperative that your bookkeeper is technologically sound so that he or she can use the latest accounting software to maintain your business records.

Additionally, your bookkeeper being well-versed with the technology turns out to be a benefit for your business. Business reports can be generated at any point in time, and you will be able to keep a proper track on the organizational activities.

3.Possess Professional Certifications

You can check the worthiness of a professional bookkeeper by just having a look at the professional certifications the firm holds. International certifications like CIA, CMA, CPA, CFA, IAF etc. issued by the International Accounting Bodies turns out to be a mark of quality. If an accounting firm holds these certifications, you can go ahead with the firm.

In Dubai, you can get to know the best auditors by having a look at the approved auditors that they possess. The higher the number of approvals a firm possesses, the more you can rely on the firm.

4.Understands Your Business Needs

It becomes essential that the bookkeeper or accountant understands your business needs. A bookkeeper is responsible for recording the business transactions, while an accountant examines the records. So, it turns out to be extremely important that your bookkeeper and accountant are in sync so that they can examine the business records in an error-free way, and come up with the best solutions.


While selecting a bookkeeper, you need to make sure that your outsourcing partner is aggregable, so that you can discuss your business plans and methods effectively. In any case, if you hold a doubt, and is not able to get it cleared from your bookkeeper, then that would ultimately lead to confusion, and the organizational goal will not be met accordingly.

6.Higher Customer Satisfaction

The moment you decide to join hands with a professional accounting partner, one of the essential things which you need to look at is the number of satisfied clients that the customer has in its list. The higher number of satisfied clients reveals the fact that the accounting services provided by the firm are worth, and you can proceed ahead. In case, if the number of satisfied clients turns out to be less, then it’s a call that you need to give a second thought before taking the final call.

In the end, we can say that a business owner needs to keep an eye on the conditions of a bookkeeper before choosing one. Selecting a professional expert with all the qualities mentioned above will help your business to grow immensely. We at JAXA Chartered Accountants understand the needs of a professional bookkeeper, and our bookkeeping experts are here to cater your business needs. We provide tailored solutions according to our clients’ requirements. If you hold any doubt, do contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.

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