Accounting Services in DMCC

The ground of Dubai turns out to be an attractive platform for global business investors as provides a favourable climate when it comes to business incorporation. Irrespective of the size and nature of the business, an owner or investor can count on the region for establishing their business roots. The Government of UAE has diversified multiple zones dedicated to a specific industry and stays determined to enhance its growth. One such dedicated location turns out to be the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC). Each free zone in the UAE stipulates the business entities to implement the best practise when it comes to the management of company records to avoid financial irregularities.

The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC)

Established in the year 2003, the centre aims to become the global platform of the world commodities market. Multiple projects have been implemented to provide the best business climate to business professionals. The continuous effort has resulted in attracting the best businesses dealing in different industries. The centre has implemented various strategies ranking from security, delivery, banking to shipment facilities which turns out to be the triggers to attract the key international players. In the current era of global business, starting a business in DMCC turns out to be an easy process as it offers multiple flexibilities.

Since dealing with the business entities at a global level stands as a complicated task, managing the business books of these entities also turn out to be a tedious task. Having a guide by your side can simplify the process, and at the same time, you can concentrate on the other relevant activities. The number of private companies has constantly been increasing in the UAE, which needs to maintain specific accounting standards.

JAXA Chartered Accountants- Your Accounting Pilot

We stand as a group of experienced business professionals holding the assurance of being DMCC registered auditors who are dedicated to providing the best accounting services in Dubai to our esteemed clients. By handing over your company books to our experts, you can make yourself burden-free as they will be taking complete responsibility by maintaining the accounting standards applicable in Dubai.

When it comes to the maintenance of accounting and bookkeeping records, the proceedings never come to an end only by recording the business transactions. Multiple aspects are to be taken care of ranging from analysing to rectifying of the existing errors. Only experienced professionals will be able to get hold of such mistakes in the current books. By being our business partner, you will be able to avail the benefits in the following grounds.

1.In-depth Analysis of Accounting and Bookkeeping Records

The company records stand as a confidential document, and any error in the books can turn out your business upside-down. The initial phase starts with bookkeeping where the recording of business transactions take place, while on the second step, it deals with analysing. The analysis would result in drafting different business plan and strategies that need to be implemented over a specific duration. Our experts take the complete responsibility of simplifying your business records so that you can understand your business in a better way.

By deep-diving your business books, they make sure that the errors get rectified, and everything mentioned turns out to be legal. Even a small hindrance in the records can turn out to be troublesome during the audit process, which will end-up leave a negative impression in the auditors’ mind.

2.Complete Analysis of Accounting System

To maintain error-free business records, you need to have a systematic plan. Commonly, if we define the accounting procedures, it focuses on three parameters which are recording, analysing and delivering. Since all the three activities are inter-related, any loophole existing in any part of the system would turn out to be a complicated task. The best and efficient way is to analyse the process over a specific duration to maintain the uniformity.

The accounting experts in our team are dedicated to providing the best services where all the necessities are taken care of. The system gets framed considering the minute details which will smoothen the complete execution process. Additionally, it will help you to track the accounting proceedings accordingly, and you can keep an eye on the business cash flows and financial stability.

3.Implementation of Forensic Accounting

Many at times, we hear about internal politics that affect the company to a large extent. To avoid such uncertain scenarios, it is recommended to implement forensic accounting over a specific duration wherein you will be able to understand the existing loopholes and fix them accordingly. Now, the domain of forensic accounting involves a scientific approach to implement the process. The core matters of the company are dealt with aspects like tracing funds, recovery of lost assets, litigation etc.

Be it internal or external issues, our business experts are well-versed with the relevant procedures and will be in a better position to carry out the core tasks.

4.Track the Updation of Existing Records

You must have heard, accounting stands as a life blood of the company. However, while dealing with the business books, many at times we forget to update the records or postpone certain transactions, which ultimately never gets covered. This negligence ends up showing massive difference in the final company reports like balance sheet, income and expense sheet etc. It becomes the core responsibility of an accountant to have a look at the existing records and update the company books accordingly. At the same time, it becomes difficult to remember every task as your accountant might get involved in multiple other tasks.

When it comes to professionals, they have an altogether different approach in handling the proceedings. If you stand as a start-up or even an experienced business entity, joining hands with professionals turns out to be a benefit in the long-run.

For Start-Ups in DMCC

If you are new to the business world, then you have got a long way to go ahead. You can climb the stairs only if your present accounting books are clear and error-free. To know more regarding the steps that you should be taken while dealing with accounting at the initial stage.

For Established Business in DMCC

The well-established business entities need to deal with the task more seriously as they hold bundles of records dealing with the internal and external stakeholders. Maintaining them will simplify the company tasks, as well as the audit process, and you will be in a better position to earn a good rank in the audit report. In the established companies, there exists a high probability of accounting fraud, and thus it becomes essential to involve the external experts to protect the company from accounting fraud. Also, there exists a probability regarding the increased number of bad-debts which again needs to get clarified. Separate bad-debts accounting needs to be implemented to sort the relevant proceedings.

If you want to know more, the accounting experts at JAXA have got a clear mind-map regarding their core responsibilities and deliver their best to meet the expectations. Since the time the business books gets handled by our experts, you don’t have to worry regarding the same.


Professionally, it turns out to be a smart option to outsource the accounting functions as turns out to be worth-paying, and it is to be noted that training the internal employees still doesn’t guarantee you the accuracy. However, before you outsource the accounting function, you need to have a basic idea regarding the firm. Well, one of the questions that you might still have in your mind is ‘Why JAXA?’. The answer to your query is mentioned below.


In the world of corporates, time is regarded as money. Proper utilization of time would fetch out multiple benefits, whereas under-utilization of the same will lead you in great trouble. The moment we work with you as business partners, you will experience a faster pace in the work proceedings. Solving or in-depth analysis of business books might not be your cup of tea, but we do enjoy it. Our aim is to lessen your burden and make the best utilization of your and our time.

2.Experienced Professionals

Handing over the company’s confidential documents to a newbie in the market might turn out to be a risky and challenging task at hand. Additionally, this might take time for them as well to understand your business and meet the demands on time. On the other hand, professional experts are well-equipped with the relevant process and can guide you in a better way.

We stand as DAFZA and JAFZA approved auditors and hold certifications which define our calibre. You don’t have to worry regarding your business accounts as you will be dealing with industry experts who will be proficient in carrying out their work, aiming to leverage the benefit of your business.

3.Market Insights

As mentioned above, our business experts are well-versed with the work proceedings and hold ample years of experience; they can provide you with relevant market information that will turn out to be a boon for your business. Being professional, they are in a better position to foresee the future of your business and understand the top accounting requirements for your firm.

4.Technologically Sound

It is well-known that information technology has covered all possible business domains and is still on its way to understand to cover the remaining areas. Today, many accounting software are available in the market, which again gets customized based on business requirements. The experts at JAXA can help you in choosing the best software and handle the proceedings further at ease. If you still wonder why accounting software is essential.

It has been observed that business owners who fail to maintain a clean record of their business transactions fail to comply with the audit proceedings. Once you neglect the essentials, it becomes tough to rectify the errors at a later stage, which will lead you to company liquidation in DMCC at a later phase. So, any business needs to outsource the accounting department. In case if one is not able to hire a full-time, even part-time accounting services are available. In case you hold any query, do speak to our experts-we’d be glad to assist.