A Complete Guide on Accounting Firms in Abu Dhabi

Services of Accounting firms in Abu Dhabi are becoming a difficult task as business transactions are becoming more complex.

Accounting and auditing are the most important services in Abu Dhabi that are used by all businesses, irrespective of the size of the industry. This will help the companies in Abu Dhabi to keep their books and accounts updated.

Jaxa Chartered Accountants combines knowledge and skills to help customers meet the requirements of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and International Financial Reporting Standards. We provide business and individual clients with business consulting, accounting services, self-assessment, and bookkeeping.

Accounting Standard used by Accounting Firms in Abu Dhabi

Standards of accounting firms in Abu Dhabi are the rules for financial reporting. These regulations spell out exactly how transactions must be recorded.

All the accounting activities and tasks must be completed in accordance with:

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) govern specific types of corporate accounting transactions, whereas GAAP governs balance sheets, revenue recognition, and item classifications for public disclosure. It includes all of the essential rules that govern specific types of transactions and ensures a common language that accountants and business people around the world can understand.


Accounting Types in Abu Dhabi

There are two main types of accounting methods in Abu Dhabi:

  • Accrual Method Accounting
  • Cash Method of Accounting

Services Provided by the best Accounting Firm in Abu Dhabi

JAXA Chartered Accountants is one of the best providers of accounting services in Abu Dhabi; we pride ourselves on understanding our client’s requirements and providing customised solutions to fulfil their needs. We possess 15+ years of experience in the domain and provide expert and reliable services.

The services provided by JAXA Chartered Accountants, which will assist in the business journey, are mentioned below:

  • Auditing and Accounting Services in Abu Dhabi

Our competent advisors will analyse all the business and prepare an Audit Report which will assist in the growth of your business.

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  • Accounting Services in Abu Dhabi

JAXA, one of the best auditing firms in Abu Dhabi, will assist you in the Preparation and Understanding of accounting reports, which is a major step in maintaining a successful and profitable business.

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  • Tax Agent Services

A Tax Agent is any natural person liable to assist another person in paying taxes to the government.

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  • Corporate Tax In The UAE

Streamline Your Corporate Taxes: Expert Guidance for Business Taxation in the UAE.

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  • VAT Services in UAE

Tax issues can be tricky for a business. Our skilled tax experts will assist you in managing these issues so that the business reduces tax liability and enhances profitability.

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  • Taxation Services in UAE

Managing tax issues, in addition to typical business operations, may seem challenging. But with our skilled tax experts, you may get assistance with various tax specialities.

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  • Management Consultancy Services in UAE

We work with every other team of your company to understand the nuances and existing practices and provide a complete management solution that can empower your business.

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  • Payroll Services in UAE

With a high level of professionalism, we provide outstanding payroll services that can evade complexities like payment rejection, issues in tax payment and other payroll execution.

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  • ICV Consultation

Unlock Business Opportunities: Harnessing the Power of In-Country Value for Sustainable Growth.

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  • Cash Flow & Forecasting Services in UAE

A cash Flow Statement keeps track of and traces the instances of cash flowing in and out of an organisation for a specific duration and also shows the causes for the change of cash positions over time.

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  • Company Liquidation Services in UAE

Company liquidation is the formal closure of a company when it can no longer meet its financial requirements, and all its assets are redistributed to the shareholders and investors.

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  • Accounting Software Consultancy in UAE

Accounting software performs various accounting, bookkeeping and other financial functions and is used by firms to record, analyse and store business transactions.

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  • Company Formation Services in UAE

The world of business relies upon financing to keep operating and, more importantly, create profits. Methods of financing are huge and complex, but almost every business needs it to survive.

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End Note

We’re JAXA Chartered Accountants – An accounting firm based in Dubai which offers high-quality Bookkeeping, Accounting, Auditing and Tax Preparation. Our chartered accountants are always ready to assist you along the way with tax-efficient and business-forward solutions, regardless of the stage or structure of your business.


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