How Can Escrow Account Services Help Your Business

An escrow is a financial management where a third party maintains and controls the transfer of the funds needed by two parties involved in a transaction. It helps make transactions safer by holding the payment in a stable escrow account that is only issued when all of the terms of an arrangement are met as monitored by the escrow firm.

Escrows are particularly useful in the case of a deal where a large sum of money is involved. A particular set of obligations have to be met before a payment is made, for example, in the case of a website that is being constructed where the buyer may want to check the quality of the work done before making full payment. The seller does not want to commit a ton of work without full payment.

On the other hand, traditional escrow service is quite challenging and must be obtained through banks and lawyers, We at JAXA Chartered Accountants will search you some of the affordable online escrow services. All the transactions can be carried out safely without the possibility of losing money or merchandise due to fraud. This removes all legal jargon and helps comfortable buyers and sellers to secure transactions.

Steps to Create an Escrow Account

Firstly you must choose a trusted escrow agent. You would need to do the following while setting up an escrow account.

1. Come up with an agreement on the terms of the contract of the escrow account with the other party.

2. Collect documents that state the terms of the contract. Include contact information for both the lender and the recipient, as well as a description of the terms of the contract, loan or asset, how much capital the escrow can hold onto, tax payments, improvements and upgrades, etc.

3. Appoint an escrow officer, or consent to appoint one escrow officer to the other side.

4. Offer the escrow agent all the details and sign papers expressing the consent of both your and the other party.

There might also be State-by-State escrow rules, so make sure you learn about the criteria. Once you have opened an escrow, the escrow agent will be responsible for handling disputes and other statutory specifications. The escrow agent drafts documentation which requires both parties to sign during the transaction. These documents suggest that each party fulfils its legislative obligations. If the deal is active, then the escrow officer must close the escrow. They pass funds and properties to the parties concerned and finalize documents. Again you and the other party are going to have to sign off on everything. The escrow agent must refund assets and monies to the first parties if the transaction falls through.

Advantages of Escrow Services

Tax and Insurance

Taking up escrow services is beneficial, as it helps them with tax and insurance budgets. Amid the convenience advantage, an escrow account costs more and causes annual fluctuation of payments, which can be inconvenient for homeowners. An escrow account helps lower the costs of property taxes and homeowners insurance throughout the year. It can be especially beneficial for new homeowners who don’t have the expertise to make such annual payments, which can be very high.

Payment in Installments

An escrow account is an organized way of paying in instalments taxes and benefits, rather than in total amount once or twice a year. Insurance premiums for homeowners may be due quarterly or semi-annually, depending on the insurance provider. The mortgage lender determines in advance the monthly tax bill and insurance premium for homeowners for the first year of the loan and divides the total by 12. Usually, it is cheaper to pay one-twelfth of the tax and insurance bills along with the mortgage payment per month than to pay the whole bill, or half of it, if due. The lender is also required to make the payments on time, avoiding late fees, tax liens, and the cancellation of policies.


It is all automatic. Holding your homeowner’s insurance and property tax payments in escrow guarantees that these bills are collected on time to prevent penalties, such as late fees or future claims against your estate.


Look for a supplier of escrow services whose staff can handle different forms of escrow accounts for several circumstances. Typically, a qualified and experienced escrow team will provide a smoother transaction with fewer complications for your company.

Shortfall of Cash

When there are shortfalls, you will be covered. Your insurance premiums and property tax appraisals will fluctuate over time. When your escrow account is short due to your tax bill increase, for example, the servicer may usually temporarily cover the difference. (In the end, the servant will increase your monthly mortgage payment to cover the difference).

No Surprises

The exact sum required for escrow payments is added to your monthly mortgage payment for you. If they decide to increase the escrow portion of your monthly mortgage payment, you should receive a notice in writing from your lender. Also, the service provider is expected to give you an annual escrow statement detailing the sums you paid (and drawdowns) along with any overages or shortfalls.

Potentially lower mortgage Expenses

By getting an escrow account, you may get a discount on your interest rate or closing costs depending on your lender, Features of a Great Escrow Agent. Regardless of the many reasons businesses can need an escrow account, it’s essential to review escrow service providers to ensure they meet both parties’ unique needs.

Things to Focus Before Selecting an Escrow Agent

Below are some of the features you should consider when selecting an escrow agent.

Quick Turnaround

The escrow agreement is often the last factor in many transactions, in a long and sometimes stressful process. Once it comes to settling a contract, it is of utmost importance to choose a sensitive and reliable provider who can set up an escrow account under tight time constraints, often within a matter of hours.


Look for a supplier of escrow services whose staff is able to handle different forms of escrow accounts for a number of circumstances. Typically, a qualified and experienced escrow team will provide a smoother transaction with fewer complications for your company.

Efficient Investment Options

An escrow scheme also has the primary function of securing or retaining an amount of money before it can be transferred to its rightful owner. Therefore, the escrow agent will be able to provide a wide selection of mutual funds from the high-quality money market or other regular liquidity items tailored for top-reserve cash.


Startups and new companies should take advantage of escrow payment mechanisms to reduce the risk for their particular transaction cases such as sourcing, supply chain, professional services and so on. Jaxa Chartered Accountants are one of the Succesful accounting teams in the UAE region offering accounting services, tax, VAT, and other financial and legal services of this kind. Get in contact with us to have a chat with our experts.