What are the different parts of Accounting System Analysis?

Accounting and bookkeeping are the most important business functions and it should be taken care by the management that there functions are properly performed. As the business grows so does the need and requirements of the company changes and the management needs to decide the process of accounting system analysis which will be most suitable for the business.

Let’s first understand what Accounting System Analysis is and what the different parts of Accounting System Analysis are.

Accounting System Analysis

Every business follows a certain system of accounting analysis. This system is basically the process in which the accounting and the analysis of the business is done. Each and every business has a different system of accounting analysis and this is decided by the size and nature of the business activity being performed by the business.

The Accounting System Analysis can be understood as a process of analysing and evaluating the accounting system of the business and ensuring if the present accounting system fulfils the requirements of the business. A business can also analyse the present accounting system which will allow the management to understand the requirements of the business and develop a new and improved accounting system accordingly.

There are three different parts to an Accounting System Analysis. These are:

  1. Analysis

Each business is working on an accounting system and this system needs to be constantly analysed. This is because the needs and requirements of the business keeps on changing depending upon the change in size of the business and the nature of the business activity. After the analysis is done and the management finds out what are the new requirements, it starts work on devising a new type of accounting system for the business which will better suit its needs.

  1. Design

Once the analysis is done the designing of the accounting system is started. The new accounting system should be designed in such a manner that it not only fulfils the requirements of the company but also takes into consideration the needs and requirements of the individuals which are taking are of the accounting of the business. The changes to be made can include the change in the data storage method, revision of the data entry, periodical reporting of the financial information, etc.

  1. Implementation

One the relevant accounting system is analysed and designed, it needs to be implemented in the business. The implementation of the new accounting system may take time as there may be a lot to change and also the previous habits of eh individual in charge of the accounting needs to change. The size and the nature of the business are also deciding factors. It also depends on the accounting system how quickly can it be implemented, depending upon the complexity of the accounting system.

These are the three parts of the Accounting System Analysis which should be taken care by the management. The Accounting System of the business will help in analysing the financial information of the company which will further help in deciding the future path of the business.

This is why having the proper accounting system is of huge importance for a business. The businesses which have been already established for some time also need to analyse the current accounting system for any anomaly and make the required changes. It is recommended that the management of the company takes the assistance of a third party for the analysis of the accounting system. If you are looking to analyse your accounting systems or are looking for any kind of information for your accounting systems in the United Arab Emirates the n you should have a look at the services provided by JAXA Charted Accountants.

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