Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone Approved Auditors

Abu Dhabi Airport Free zone is a business park that has been developed by Skycity. It is a Comprehensive business park that came into existence in 2006 and covered 12 square km. This free zone is a crucial contributor to the Emirate’s economy and the country as a whole. The free-zone provides easy access to various foreign markets and facilitates the easy transportation of goods, services, and workforce.

The jurisdiction of the Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone comprises of five commercial districts, which are:

Logistics Park

Logistics Park

Business Park

Business Park

Destination Village

Destination Village

Al Falah Free Zone

Al Falah Free Zone

Airport City

Airport City

These districts help in providing all the necessary facilities and infrastructure to the businesses which are registered in the Free Zone. The Free Zone supports the Abu Dhabi 2030 Economic vision, an economic plan to bring the Emirate of Abu Dhabi into prominence.

The economic Vision helps in the growth of the businesses in the free zone, and this is why the free zone is considered one of the most crucial free zone in Abu Dhabi.

Products Offered

There are many office spaces offered by the free zone, such as:

Warehousing Units

The free zone provides warehousing services that will suit the needs and requirements of the business. These warehouses come loaded with facilities and can also be customized according to the market and wants.

Commercial Offices

These are offices that are suitable for upcoming businesses. These can be turned into a headquarter for the company.

Furnished Offices

These offices are suitable for both companies as well as freelancers. These offices come with all the necessary furnishings and facilities such as basic furniture, centralized air conditioning, etc. The furnished offices come in three different options to choose from:

  • Executive Offices
  • Executive Desks
  • Flexi Desks

Partially Fitted Offices

These are offices that have only been fitted with some of the furnishings, and the business can customize and tweak the rest of all the furnishings according to the requirements.

Plots of land for Development

Plots of land are available to a business to develop their projects according to specifications required by the company.

Retail Licenses

These are retail shops that can be owned by a business.

Apart from the office space, the Free Zone also provides several services such as the following:

  • Licensing Activities which include
    • Trade licensing
    • Service Licensing
    • Light industrial Licencing
  • Company Registration Services
  • Employee ID Cards
  • VISA Processing
  • Company / Employee Services Letters
  • Facility Management
  • It and Communication Services
  • Lease management Services

Types of Businesses Available

Free Zone Limited Liability Company FZ-LLC (Corporate)

Free Zone Limited Liability Company FZ-LLC (Natural)

Branch of a local or foreign company

Abu Dhabi Airport Free Zone Approved Auditor

The importance of Approved Auditors is known to every business which has been registered in a free zone. As an Approved Auditor performs the Audit and Assurance services and Value Added Tax (VAT) process with great focus and expertise, you can be assured that they will take adequate care while analyzing the financial aspect of your company.

This is also the reason why the government of the United Arab Emirates has made the Audit of a company mandatory. The government has also made clear that the companies which have been established in a particular free zone can be audited only by an approved auditor or an auditing firms in Abu Dhabi that has been approved by the governing authority of the free zone.

If you are looking for auditing and accounting services in the United Arab Emirates, then you should check out the services provided by JAXA Chartered Accountants. The experts at JAXA will understand your business and then provide a solution accordingly and will take care that the solution suits the requirements of the business.

and ensure that the business complies with the management but will also provide reliable business solutions for the financial problems of the business. It is very difficult for a business to keep track of all the rules and regulations in a free zone.