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Dubai Studio City Free Zone Approved Auditors

Dubai Studio City is a free zone which focuses on the companies which are in the Media-driven and strives to provide the best services and state of the art infrastructure. The Dubai Studio City Free Zone was established in the year 2005, and since then it has become one of the largest media, entertainment, and broadcasting hubs in the region. The free zone offers all the necessary services and infrastructure which can be used in the day to day activities of a media-driven company such as backlots, water tanks, sets, recording studios, etc.

The studio city is an offshoot of the Dubai Media City and it aims to provide a conducive environment to the media-based companies. The location of the free zone is also a huge advantage as it is located in the heart of Dubai and has easy access to all the nearby markets as well as international markets. Since its inception, the free zone is steadily growing and is now considered a very important media network in the Middle East region.

Currently, there are more than 300 companies registered in the Dubai Studio City and with the expansion of the free zone, a potential increase in the number of companies trying to set up their business in the free zone will increase. The location of the Free Zone provides an added benefit to the companies which have been established in Dubai Studio City. 

Product / Services Offered

Dubai Studio City has the following offerings:

1.Commercial Spaces

These are suitable for both established businesses as well as the businesses which have just been initiated. The offices provide a conducive environment that helps in the growth and development of the business.

2.Co-working Spaces

A co-working space is a place where two or more entities share the office space. This is mostly suitable for start-ups or companies which are looking to control their finances. These offices provide shared and private spaces, meeting rooms, Flexi desk offices, etc.

3.Boutique Shops

The boutique studios in Dubai Studio City are perfect for production companies and comprise office spaces attached to a studio and also provide an option to rent the complete building if need be.

4.in5 Centres

The in5 center provides a platform for all the entrepreneurs and start-ups and helps them to develop their creativity. The in5 center provides training and mentorship programs that will help nurture the business and increase the growth potential.


Freelancing has a lot of potentials to transform the economy of the country. The GoFreelance program helps to develop these freelancers and provide them with the necessary knowledge and talent.


The number of people coming to the United Arab Emirates is gradually increasing and there is a huge potential for growth in the retail sector. The retail division of the Dubai Free Zone already has more than 800 professionals which are taking advantage of this.

7.Light Industrial Units

The free zone boasts of multipurpose light industrial units and is strategically located. These infrastructures fulfill all the necessary standards and can be customized according to the requirements of the business.


The Dubai Studio City also boasts of warehouses that are located strategically and also offer all the basic requirements of a company.

Dubai Studio City Approved Auditor

Auditing is considered a very important part of a business as it helps the management in understanding the present financial condition and what can be done to improve the situation of the business. Due to the benefits of auditing, many of the free zones require the companies established in the free zone to avail of auditing services. It should be kept in mind that the Auditing service should be availed only from an Auditor which has been approved by the management of the Free Zone.

If you are looking for auditing services for your, company in Dubai Studio City, then you should check out the services provided by JAXA Chartered Accountants. The experts will first understand your business and its requirements and accordingly provide a solution to help in the growth of your business. JAXA Chartered Accountants can assist the management in many other services also.

Dubai Studio City Free Zone Approved Auditors

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