Fujairah Free Zone Approved Auditors

With an increase in business opportunities in the Middle East and the increasing number of incorporations, there is a requirement that the company should be able to access transportation services easily. In this matter, a company set up in the Fujairah Free zone will have an added advantage due to the strategic location of the free zone.

The Fujairah Free Zone is located right next to the Port of Fujairah which will take of all the transportation requirements of a company.  A company established and registered in the Fujairah Free Zone will have easy access to all the seaports in the Arabian Gulf, Red Sea, and also easy access to countries such as Iran, Pakistan, and India. The strategic location of the Free Zone and the proximity to the Fujairah International Airport which allows the companies to access new markets in the world.

The Fujairah Free one focuses on ACE which is:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Connectivity
  3. Economy

The Free Zone aims to provide the best possible services to the companies and the Unique Selling Point (USP) of the Free Zone is its Strategic Location and great Connectivity. Along with this, the other benefits provided by the Free Zone such as lowest prices and minimum requirements for incorporation as well as the faster working process make the Fujairah Free Zone an ideal location for setting up a company.

Products Offered

The Free Zone aims to provide the best infrastructure and services to all the companies in the field of Assembling, Trading, Distribution by providing trading offices, warehouses,s, or land as per the requirement of the business. The Various offerings of the Free Zone are:

1.Virtual Office

A company that avails a virtual office need not be physically present at the Free Zone.

2.Flexi Desk

Having flexibility allows companies to adapt to the business environment. This is provided by the Flexi-Desk offices at the Fujairah Free Zone.

3.Branch / Representative Office

The Free Zone offers both furnished and Unfurnished offices with all the necessary requirements of the business. This includes central air conditioning and an office size of at least 20m2.


The Free Zone comprises of fully facilitated warehouses. The standard size of the warehouses in the Free Zone is 500m2.

5.Open Land

A company can avail open land on which they can develop projects and infrastructure as per the requirements. The Minimum plot size is 5000m2.

6.Custom Units

Many companies require to build custom units as per the requirements or as per the industrial activity.

7.Offshore Company

Offshore companies are based outside the jurisdiction in which the company performs business. An offshore company is set up usually due for legal and tax reasons.

Apart from the various types of office space, the Free Zone also provides various services such as:

  1. Administrative services
  2. License Services
  3. Lease Services
  4. Visa Services
  5. NOC and other important certificates
  6. Registrations and other important services

Types of Businesses Available

  • Branch of a foreign company, including offshore
  • Branch of a UAE Company
  • Free Zone Establishment
  • Free Zone Company

Fujairah Free Zone Approved Auditor

According to the rules and regulations in the United Arab Emirates, only an Approved Auditor can conduct an Audit of the company which has been established and registered in the free zone. An approved Auditor has been approved by the management of the free zone and the services provided by such an auditor are considered to be the best.

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