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Dubai Internet City (DIC) Free Zone Approved Auditors

In the recent few decades, the world has become a smaller place. Due to the technological advancements and the various new innovations, now a person at the other end of the world can find out what is happening in other countries and jurisdictions. This has allowed the free flow of information from one place to another which has made everybody’s lives easier.

Most of the credit for the shrinking of the world go to the birth and development of the internet. Internet was first developed for military purposes but was later adapted to civilian lifestyle as it had a number of applications. The Internet also plays a vital role in conducting business as it can make conducting transactions much easier. Seeing the various implications of the internet for business, the Government of the United Arab Emirates has worked upon the development of a place that will provide a conducive business environment to companies, known as the Dubai Industrial Park.

Dubai Industrial Park was created in the year 2000 by the Government of Dubai as an Information Technology Park. This free economic zone acts as a home for various companies such as Facebook, Dell, Google, Samsung, SAP, Cisco, HP, Nokia, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle Corporation, and many other big names. The rules and regulations of the free zone allow the management to avail a number of ownership benefits, taxation related benefits, customs related benefits, and many other benefits for a guaranteed period of 50 years.

Due to the quick and easy establishment, availability of various services, its various innovation centers, and its delightful community experience, setting up a company in the Dubai Internet City can be very rewarding for a businessman or entrepreneur.

Products Offered

In order to provide the best possible services, Dubai Internet City has a number of offerings to a businessman. These are:

1.Commercial Space

These are commercial office spaces which are provided to a business. The advantage one gets is that these spaces are in the middle of the city which allows for better chances for the business. Space can be molded as per the requirement of the business and can cater to commercial, retail, and event sectors.

2.Co-Working Space

The co-working spaces in the Dubai Internet City will allow a business to start a business in an easy and simplified manner and will provide it the greatest opportunities to grow. The Co-working space comes in two different variants, namely:

●Flexi Desks

●Private Offices

It also allows the business to be a part of the community which will work together and helps each other to grow.

3.in5 Centres

in5 Centres will provide great help to the start-ups in the media, designing, and technology sector and will ensure that such companies have no problems in conducting business. Such centers are loaded with various features which will assist a company in the media or technology field.

4.Go Freelance

If you are starting as an individual and require an office space just for you, then DIC can help you in this matter. The TECOM Group believes in the abilities and importance of freelancers in the environment and provides them with features and services which will assist them in the business journey.


DIC has a large community of retailers and with over 24,000 professionals. This makes it the Dubai Internet City a wonderful place to set up a business.

6.Light Industrial Units

The Free Zone also consists of a number of light industrial units that can be used by a business according to its requirements. It provides a strategic advantage to a business and can affect the profitability of the business.


Looking to expand your business activities and scope? The Dubai Internet City has a number of warehouses available for this matter. Each warehouse has all the necessary features such as lighting, large space, ability to be used for different purposes, etc. which will help a business in the growth.

Types of Businesses Available

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company FZ-LLC
  • Freelancer
  • Branch of a Foreign/UAE Company

Dubai Internet City Approved Auditor

The rules and regulation in the United Arab Emirates state that in order to conduct an audit of the company which has been established in a free zone, assistance should be only availed from an auditor which has been approved by the management or the governing authority of the free zone. If the proper rules are not followed the company may face problems in the future.

JAXA Chartered Accountants can help you in this matter as they are the approved Auditors in the free zone and can assist you in ways that will help your company to grow further. JAXA will handle all the necessary business activities and will provide a hassle-free experience to the company.

Dubai Internet City (DIC) Free Zone Approved Auditors

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