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KIZAD Industrial Zone Approved Auditors

KIZAD Industrial Zone is also known as Khalifa Industrial Zone and it is a project located in Abu Dhabi. This Free Zone was an initiative by the Government of UAE to bring a new life into the industrial sector of the country. The concept of the KIZAD Industrial Zone was revealed in the year 2010 and it officially started its business activities in the year 2012. The government wanted to achieve economic diversification by the establishment of this free zone by the year 2030.

The Free Zone occupies 417 square kilometers and is located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi which makes it easy for a business to access raw materials and markets on a global scale. KIZAD is bifurcated into two regions:

Region A

This region is more focused on the businesses operating in the industrial sector. Area A offers many different opportunities in real estate and also helps serve the need of the employees, clients, and visitors.

Region B

Area B provides heavy and light industries, logistics industries, retails stores, commercial complexes, and numerous residential developments.

Products / Services Offered

There are a number of offerings by the KIZAD Industrial Zone. These are:

1.Business Districts

The business districts offer a range of facilities and services to the businesses. These business districts will be equipped with all the requirements of a business and will also help the businesses which are close to the zone.

2.Land Leasing

The land is available at lease so that businesses can develop projects and infrastructure according to the requirements of the business.


Storage plays a very important role in the lifecycle of a business. The KIZAD Free Zone offers pre-built warehouses that are equipped with all the features which can be demanded by a business.

4.Light Industrial Units

The light industrial units can be utilized by almost any business and it aims to deliver flexible and high-quality output to the businesses.

Types of Businesses Available

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company FZ-LLC
  • Branch of a Foreign/UAE Company

Apart from the above, there are three different types of licenses available in the KIZAD Industrial Zone. These are:

● Industrial License

Most of the companies which have been set up in the KIZAD Industrial Zone utilize an industrial license. This license will allow the holder to import and export machinery, assembly, and packaging of the machinery, etc.

● Trading / General Trading License

This license will allow trading, importing, and exporting of goods. The difference between a trading license and a general trading license is that a general trading license will allow the trade of goods which are normal or general, whereas the trading license deals with specific items as mentioned in the license.

● Services License

Many activities can be pursued by a company after availing a service License. The activities include-

  1. Restaurant Services
  2. Marketing Services
  3. Consultancy Services
  4. Travel and Tourism
  5. Warehousing Services
  6. Cargo/Logistics Services

KIZAD Industrial Zone Approved Auditor

It should be taken care of that when an audit is conducted in the free zone, they are always conducted by an Approved Auditor. Only an Approved Auditor has the power to conduct a company audit in a free zone. Each free zone has a list of Approved Auditors for the free zone. Any auditor other than the approved auditor cannot conduct the audit of the company in the free zone.

If you are looking for Auditing services in the KIZAD Industrial Zone, then you should check out the services provided by JAXA Chartered Accountants. The experts at JAXA will fully understand your business and its requirements and provide a solution to you accordingly. JAXA will take care that the solution suits the requirements of the business.

and ensure that the business complies with the management but will also provide reliable business solutions for the financial problems of the business.  It is very difficult for a business to keep track of all the rules and regulations in a free zone.

Khalifa Industrial Zone, KIZAD Approved Auditors

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