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Fujairah Creative City Approved Auditors

With the recent rise of media and its increasing importance in the lives of people, it is very important that more and more focus is provided on the media and the creative industry. In the past, the Government of the UAE has been providing stress on the development of such a free zone which will be dedicated specifically to the media and other creative industries. In line with this idea, the Government of the United Arab Emirates, with the help of Fujairah Media, launched the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

Launched in the year 2007, the free zone is developed as an alternative to the Dubai Media City and provides creative media related services to both the budding companies as well as the established ones. This free zone is an addition to the media-centric business free zones which have been established in the jurisdiction such as the Dubai Media City of Dubai and the twofour54 of Abu Dhabi. The main target of Fujairah Creative City is the upcoming businesses that are trying to establish themselves but cannot afford to set up a company in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The Fujairah Creative City comprises 40,000 sq. m. of land which is dedicated to the various creative activities. It provides a conducive and suitable business environment to its clients and also helps them in the growth of a business. The Creative City also provides world-class services and state of the art infrastructure which will help the client in every way possible and increase their profitability.

Products Offered

There is a range of Customizable business packages offered by the Fujairah Creative City. These business packages can be tweaked to suit the requirements of the company. The business packages offered are as follows:

1.Office Space

This will help your business acquire physical office space in the Fujairah Creative City. The Office rent agreement is made at Creative City Free Zone Fujairah and the holder is eligible for a trade validity of 1-3 years and up to 30 Visa’s (depending on the immigration approval)

2.Genius Package

The genius package has been developed keeping in mind the bigger and established companies. Such companies may require a large number of staff and are entitled to 15 visas’. They also receive the Flexi desk facility for their business.

3.Baby Business

Baby businesses are developed with the smaller business in mind. These businesses can receive benefits from an easy business setup process and fewer overhead costs. A company opting for a baby business package can is eligible for up to six Visa’s.

4.Freelancer Company

As the name suggests this package is best suitable for freelancers or businesses which are in the start-up stage. The company availing the freelancer company package will receive all the benefits and advantages of a regular company set up in the Fujairah Creative City.

5.Commercial Plus One

This is the smallest company setup process and is suitable for a single individual owner, but also comes with an option of two visa availability.

6.Commercial FZ LLC

This business license package is suitable for companies which want to have up to thirty (30), shareholders. License validity is 1-3 years.

7.Commercial FZE

This license package has been designed for individuals which do not have any visa requirements.

Apart from the above-mentioned business packages, the Fujairah Creative City also assists in the procurement of the required License and Registration for the company and also comprises of a fully equipped business center which will help provide and develop flexible and effective office solutions. 

Types of Businesses Available

  • Commercial FZ LLC
  • Commercial FZE
  • Freelancer
  • Baby Business

Fujairah Creative City Approved Auditor

Availing the services of an Approved Auditor can create a big difference in the way the business is seen by the prospective customs and investors. An Approved Auditor is an individual auditor or an auditing firm that has been ratified by the governing authority or the management of the free zone to conduct a Financial Audit. This will provide a sense of guarantee that the auditor knows their job and will provide the best possible services to the business.

JAXA Chartered Accountants are one of the approved auditors in the free zone and will take care of all the financial data of the company and provide an accurate analysis of the present condition of the company. It will also help you make a decision for the future of your company.

Fujairah Creative City Approved Auditors

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