Masdar City Free Zone Approved Auditors

Abu Dhabi is considered a pioneer in clean technology and renewable energy and has always provided quick and easy access to upcoming opportunities in the business environment. Setting a business in Abu Dhabi is one of the best things which a business can do to guarantee its bright future.

With great importance being given to renewable sources of energy, there is a huge scope of growth in the renewable energy sector. The Masdar City Free Zone is located in Abu Dhabi (Masdar) and is devoted to provide renewable energy and promote the use of clean technology in the world. The main aim of the Masdar City Free Zone is to transform Abu Dhabi into a source of knowledge, development, and renewable energy.

The Masdar city was established in the year 2006 is located in close proximity to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. This free zone has the support of the UAE Government to become a leading source of clean and renewable energy. This free zone covers an approximate area of 6 kmand also has easy access to Abu Dhabi International Airport.

currently, the Free Zone is home to more than 400 businesses. Most of these businesses rely mostly on solar energy and another source of renewable energy to conduct their day to day activities. Due to its preference to use up renewable sources of energy, the free zone has received accolades from global organizations such as BioRegional, WWF, and Greenpeace.

Products / Services Offered

The Masdar City Free Zone offers many services to an up and coming business. These services include:

1.Registration and Licensing Services

Masdar City Free Zone offers a range of business licenses. These licenses provide a great opportunity to the businesses which are established in the Free Zone. The licensing segment includes:

  • Clean Tech and ICT
  • Renewable Energy
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and other events
  • Healthcare Services
  • Energy Industry
  • Trading and Holding companies
  • Business and Data Centres
  • Oil and Gas Services
  • Retail and F&B licenses

2.Support Services

There are a number of services available to a business which supports the activities of the business and will enhance the profitability of the business. These support services are:

  • Visa Services
  • Sponsorships
  • Emirates ID Card
  • Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce Membership
  • Authentication of Documents
  • Setup of a PO Box
  • Property Management
  • Meeting Rooms and Conference Facilities

3.Business and Leasing Services

The Masdar City Free Zone offers a wide range of offices and land to build your business on. These include

●Office Space

The Masdar City offers office space of all sizes, which will cater to the requirements of businesses of all sizes. The options include serviced and executive offices, core and shell units, and Flexi-desks.


 The businesses have the option to choose between buying a piece of land and leasing one.

●Build to Suit

If there is a requirement of the business, large organizations can take the required permissions from the free zone and build infrastructure according to their own specifications.

Types of Businesses Available

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company FZ-LLC
  • Branch of a UAE based Company
  • Branch of a Foreign/Offshore Company

Masdar City Free Zone Approved Auditor

It should be taken care of that when a Financial Audit is conducted in the free zone, and they are always conducted by an Approved Auditor. Only an Approved Auditor has the power to conduct a company audit in a free zone. Each free zone has a list of Approved Auditors for the free zone. Any auditor other than the approved auditor cannot conduct the audit of the company in the free zone.

If you are looking for Auditing services in the Masdar City Free Zone, then you should check out the services provided by JAXA Chartered Accountants. The experts at JAXA will fully understand your business and its requirements and provide a solution to you accordingly. JAXA will take care that the solution suits the requirements of the business.